Rule 4.2.3 Alternate Team

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Each entry may have one alternate team consisting of five pushers and one driver. Each member of an alternate team must comply with all the same requirements that an entry’s team members must comply with. No person may be a member of more than one team and one alternate team in each class of competition. A member of an entry’s alternate team may substitute for any of that entry’s team members.

Any team member who is substituted for may not compete on any other entry’s team on the same day unless he or she is also acting as a substitute for a member of a different team that day. If any team member of an organization is substituted for, at least one other team member from that organization must not compete that same day. For example, if a “B” team member substitutes for an “A” team member, a “C” team member may substitute for the “B” team member even though that person is still competing that same day provided that the “A” team member does not compete that day. In this way several substitutions can take place in order to cover an injury to a member of any team, but a member of one team can’t switch places with a member of another team.