Rule 5.2 Lanes

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There shall be three lanes painted on the course from the starting line to a line that is approximately 58 feet (as measured along the curve of the curb) east of the centerline of the gravel footpath which runs from the southern edge of Schenley Drive to the northern edge of Circuit Road. (As a second reference point, this line is also approximately 49 feet east of the centerline of the eastern-most cross country course marker pole on the southern side of Schenley Drive.)

The lanes shall be 7 feet wide. A single line, perpendicular to Schenley Drive, shall mark the ends of the lanes. The lane farthest to the west shall be designated as Lane 1, then Lane 2 in the center, and Lane 3 in the east. (ordered 3, 2, 1, from left to right). The western (right) edge of Lane 1 shall be parallel to and 6 feet 6 inches away from the curb on the western (right) side of Tech Street. Lanes 1 and 2 shall have a common central edge, as will Lanes 2 and 3.

The western (right) edge of Lane 1 shall be 8 feet to the south of the northern curb of Schenley Drive. The western (right) edge of Lane 1 shall be 4 feet to the east (left) of the western (right) curb of Tech Street at its closest approach to that curb, which should be approximately halfway between Frew Street and Schenley Drive.