Rule 6.10 Steering System

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Each buggy shall have a driver operated system or mechanism that shall control and determine the direction in which that buggy will move, whenever that buggy is in motion. This system or mechanism shall be known as that buggy’s steering system. Each buggy’s steering system shall:

  • Be Designed such that the driver will be able to control the buggy under all normal driving conditions.
  • Operate in a smooth and stable manner. The steering system shall not bind or behave in an erratic way during use, such that it might cause the driver to lose control of the buggy. The steering mechanism should also usually tend to return to a neutral (straight ahead) position when no steering inputs are received from the driver.
  • Equip all fasteners and hardware with locking devices. Fasteners and hardware include nuts, bolts, collars, etc., used to attach or secure any part of a buggy’s steering system. Acceptable locking devices include lock nuts, lock washers, lock wires, cotter pins, etc. The use of anaerobic locking compounds (such as Loctite) is permissible, but is not sufficient.