Rule 6.12.1 Interior Debris Shield

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Any buggy which has a wheel located in front of the driver, shall also have a protective shield between that wheel and the driver’s face. The purpose of this shield is to reduce the possibility of debris being thrown into the driver’s eyes and/or face by the wheel. This debris could come from either the road surface or from the wheel itself in the event that the tire fails and breaks into pieces. This shield shall meet the requirements of one of the following options:

  • This shield shall be durable, shatterproof, and conform to the shape of the wheel. To meet the minimum requirements, it shall cover the entire line-of-sight path between the drivers head and the nearest half of the wheel. This shield shall have both a diameter and width no more than 1 inch greater than the wheel itself, and a minimum nominal thickness of 0.031 inches may be used.
  • This shield shall be made of clear polycarbonate plastic, which has a minimum nominal thickness of 0.062 inches, also trademarked LEXAN (R) General Electric. It shall extend from the bottom of the buggy to the top of the buggy, and shall be at least 4.0 inches wide.

Regardless of implementation, the shield shall be attached to a structural member of the buggy with mechanical fasteners (such as bolts, rivets, etc.) and its attachment method shall be approved by the Safety Chairman during the buggy’s safety inspection.