Rule 6.12 Windscreens

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Each buggy shall have a windscreen with anti fogging compounds or solutions applied in front of the driver’s face in order to help protect the driver from wind, dust, flying objects, and debris. Each windscreen shall be made of clear polycarbonate plastic, also trademarked LEXAN (R) General Electric. The minimum nominal thickness for each windscreen shall be 0.062 inches.

Each buggy’s windscreen shall be mechanically attached to structural members of that buggy such that in the event of an impact to that windscreen, the windscreen will fail before the windscreen’s supporting members will fail. Each windscreen shall be secured along more than two of its edges with mechanical fasteners (such as bolts, rivets, etc.) that are approved by the Safety Chairman. Attachment of the windscreen to the buggy with duct tape or other types of tape is permissible, but is not sufficient.

The use of tinted or mirrored windshields on buggies during after dark practice sessions must be approved by the Safety Chairman.