Rule 6.3.5 Safety Harness

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Drivers MUST wear an approved safety harness whenever they are driving a buggy. Any harness that is examined and deemed to be acceptable by the Safety Chairman, or is supplied through the Sweepstakes Advisor, is considered to be an approved harness.


Every driver’s safety harness must be attached to that driver’s buggy at a minimum of three different points, whenever that person is driving that buggy. These attachments shall only be made to structural members of the buggy, and they shall be such that the movement of the driver is restricted in all directions (i.e. forward, rearward, side to side, and vertical)such that in the event of an impact to the buggy from any direction, the driver shall be retained inside, but not impact against, the driver’s protective cage. All harness attachment points shall be approved by the Safety Chairman during the buggy’s safety inspection. Safety harnesses must have the capability to permit quick and easy removal of the driver from the buggy in the event of an accident or other problem while the driver is secured in the buggy with the safety harness. This removal must be possible without the use of tools or other mechanical devices.


The straps from which a safety harness is constructed must be at least 1.75 inches wide. This is to ensure that the forces of a collision are distributed over a relatively large area of a driver’s body. Standard automotive seat belt material is acceptable. With the approval of the Safety Chairman, the lower portion of a safety harness may consist of a commercially available rock climbing harness, even though its straps may be less than 1.75 inches wide.

Additional Safety Harness Requirements

All harness clips must be d-ring carabineers and certified by the UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation). All box stitching on the harness must be completed by professional stitchers, performed on a heavy duty industrial sewing machine, and deemed adequate by the Safety Chairman. In the event that the Safety Chairman does not believe the stitching was professionally done, the buggy organization’s Chairman must show a receipt indicating that a professional performed the stitching. In the event that the Chairman does not have the receipt the harness will be deemed unsafe and will not pass the safety. Harnesses can be bought from stores, provided that they comply with the rules listed in this section. Many rock climbing stores sell harnesses that comply to the rules.