Rule 6.6 Pushbar

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Each buggy shall have a structure which its pushers can push on, in order to propel that buggy forward. This structure shall be known as a pushbar. Each pushbar shall have a structurally sound cross-piece at its end, which shall be known as the pushbar handle. The pushbar handle will usually be perpendicular to the pushbar and, to ensure safety, should have the recommended, but not required, dimensions of 8 inches long by 1 inch in diameter.

If any part of a buggy’s pushbar moves from the position that it is normally in when its pushers are propelling that buggy forward, that part or parts of that pushbar may only move to a position that is inside the driver’s protective cage, or to a position that is directly above the outline of the driver’s protective cage when viewed from above the buggy. During any such movement, no part of the pushbar may extend below or behind the normal pushing position of the pushbar unless it is also within or above the outline of the driver’s protective cage at the same time.