Rule 7.2.4 First Rolls Speed Restrictions

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All buggies must be bagged on the first roll of the semester for an old driver, the first day of rolls for the semester for a new driver, the first roll after being involved in an accident (as per rule 7.3) for all drivers, and any time the safety chair deems it necessary for the safety of the buggy's driver.

A buggy is considered bagged if it meets either rule 7.2.4-1 or 7.2.4-2.

7.2.4-1 It has at least one standard-size (volume of at least 2.5 gallons) plastic shopping bag secured to the pushbar such that the bag is open in the direction of travel of the buggy. The bag must not have any holes or slits in it except for the handles. Tape is sufficient to secure the bag to the pushbar.

7.2.4-2 It has a clearly visible and obvious drag-increasing device determined by the Safety Chair to have a similar effect on the buggy's speed as option 7.2.4-1. For the purposes of this rule, “visible” means visible from the outside of the buggy in freeroll configuration for Sweepstakes verification.

Definitions for inclusion in Section 2, as per the definitions given in 10.5.1:

Old Driver A driver who raced in a Sweepstakes race in the previous year is considered an old driver

New Driver A driver who did not race in a Sweepstakes race in the previous school year is considered a new