Rule 8.1.10 Traffic Control

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Control of vehicular traffic on the buggy course during each freeroll event will be handled by the City of Pittsburgh police officers, usually from the Park Police Department, who are hired by the Sweepstakes Committee and Carnegie Mellon University to provide police protection during all freeroll events. These officers, with the assistance of the flaggers provided by the buggy racing organizations, will stop vehicular traffic from entering the buggy course while buggies are freerolling.

If possible, the buggy course will be completely closed to vehicular traffic from the time that each freeroll event begins, until that event has ended for that day. If necessary, the officers will open the buggy course to traffic one or more times during the course of the freeroll event to relieve traffic buildup on the streets around the buggy course. In this event, adequate notice must be given to the Sweepstakes Chairman so that no buggies are permitted to freeroll while there is vehicular traffic on the buggy course. If the course is opened at any time during the event, all of the vehicles entering the course should be instructed not to park on the course. The freeroll event will be continued when the Sweepstakes Chairman has determined that the course is once again closed and that it is clear of all vehicles.