Rule 8.1.1 Sweepers

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Each organization shall provide two sweepers for each freeroll event, to help clean debris from the buggy course. These sweepers must be provided even if an organization is not participating in that freeroll event. Each organization shall equip their sweepers with brooms (preferably large push type brooms) and/or shovels. Sweepers must also wear reflective vests so that they can be seen by any motorists.

These sweepers MUST be available from a time that is two hours before the freeroll event is scheduled to start, until they are dismissed for the day, which should usually be when the freeroll event starts. However, some sweepers and brooms should be available during the entire freeroll event in case they are needed to clean up debris after an accident or some similar incident. The Sweepstakes Chairman, or anyone designated by that Chairman, shall determine when and where the sweepers must report for duty and when they can leave.

Any organizations that fails to provide the required number of properly equipped sweepers shall be fined the amount of $15.00 for freeroll practice or $30.00 on Raceday for each missing or improperly equipped sweeper. In addition, any organization failing to provide at least one properly equipped sweeper for a freeroll practice shall not be permitted to participate in that freeroll practice, or one entry shall be withdrawn from that day of Sweepstakes races. At the discretion of the Sweepstakes Chairman, some organizations may not be required to provide sweepers, in lieu of providing other services for freeroll events.