Rule 8.1.5 Warning Signs

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Warning signs shall be placed at several locations near the buggy course while freeroll events are in progress, to warn vehicular traffic when this traffic tries to approach the area of the buggy course. The signs shall indicate that the road ahead is, or may be, closed, and that there will be flaggers ahead to stop and/or redirect traffic. The signs shall be put in place no later than 1 hour minutes before the freeroll event is scheduled to begin. They shall be removed within 15 minutes after the freeroll event has ended. The Safety Chairman, or anyone designated by that Chairman, shall determine if enough warning signs are in place in order to have a freeroll event. In order to provide the maximum amount of protection to the freeroll event participants, warning signs should be placed at all of the locations where barricades have been placed, plus the following locations:

• Margaret Morrison Street at its intersection with Forbes Avenue.

• Schenley Drive at its intersection with Forbes Avenue, near the clubhouse for the Schenley Park Golf Course.

• Circuit Road at its intersection with Serpentine Drive.

• Panther Hollow Road at the southern end of Panther Hollow Bridge.

• Schenley Drive between the Mary E. Schenley Memorial Fountain and the southwest corner of the Carnegie Museum building.

• The driveway to the rear of Hamburg Hall at its intersection with Forbes Avenue.

At the discretion of the Sweepstakes Chairman, the responsibility of obtaining, storing, and placing warning signs in position for freeroll events may be delegated to one organization (usually the organization in charge of barricades). The organization charged with this responsibility shall not have to provide sweepers or flaggers for freeroll events.

If the organization responsible for the warning signs fails to provide them or remove them, that organization shall be fined the amount of $25.00 for any freeroll practice or $50.00 on Raceday.