Rule 8.1.6 Hay Bales

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Approximately 300 fall and an additional 300 spring hay bales should be obtained for use during freeroll events, with two layers lining both sides of the chute. Bales of hay, as opposed to bales of straw, are usually used because they tend to hold up better and therefore can be used more times before they start to fall apart. Freeroll events shall only be held when an adequate number of hay bales are in place around the buggy course. The Safety Chairman, or anyone designated by that Chairman, shall determine how many hay bales are required in order to have a freeroll event, and where around the buggy course those hay bales shall be placed, in order to provide the maximum amount of protection to the freeroll event participants. Additional haybale requirements for Sweepstakes races shall be determined by The Safety Chairman, or anyone designated by that Chairman, and ensure two layers line both sides of the chute.

At the discretion of the Sweepstakes Chairman, the responsibility of obtaining, storing, and placing hay bales in position for freeroll events may be delegated to organizations. The hay bales shall be put in place no later than one hour before the freeroll event is scheduled to start, and they should be in place before the sweepers clean that part of the course. They shall be removed within 30 minutes after the freeroll event has ended. The organizations primarily charged with this responsibility shall not have to provide sweepers or flaggers for freeroll events.

If the organization responsible for the hay bales fails to provide them or remove them that organization shall be fined the amount of $25.00 for practice sessions and $50.00 on Raceday.