Rule 9.1.1 Buggies

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The following procedures and rules shall apply to buggies during practice sessions:

No buggy shall be permitted to participate in any freeroll practice or push practice session at Carnegie Mellon University unless it successfully satisfies all of the following requirements:

• Safety inspection.

• Braking Capability and Field of Vision test with the driver for that practice.

• Driver familiarity with the buggy by being pushed around prior to freeroll practice on sidewalks, in parking lots, etc.

Any organization that permits any of its buggies to participate in any freeroll practice or push practice in any semester, before that buggy has successfully completed a safety inspection that same semester shall be penalized by having one entry withdrawn, as described in Disciplinary Actions (sec. 3.5 pg. 14). In addition, the entry fee for that entry shall be forfeited.

Any organization that fails to provide all of the required lights and reflectors, in proper working order, for any of its buggies that are being used between sunset and sunrise shall be fined the amount of $20.00 for each buggy that is not properly equipped.