Rule 9.2.4 Drop Tests and Safety Equipment Check

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Before each freeroll practice session starts, each buggy is required to take a drop brake test as follows:

No buggy shall be permitted to participate in a freeroll practice unless it has successfully completed a drop brake test earlier that same day. Each buggy’s performance in the drop brake test shall be recorded by the test administrator at the time that the buggy is tested.

Any buggy that fails the drop brake test on each of two consecutive attempts before a freeroll practice session, shall be required to again successfully complete a braking capability test, with any of its drivers, before that buggy will be permitted to participate in any subsequent freeroll or push practice sessions.

At the time that the drop brake tests are given, each participating buggy and driver may be checked by the test administrator to ensure that they have proper head protection, eye protection, hand protection, adequate field of vision, and safety harness.

Drop brake tests will be administered by the Safety Chairman, or anyone designated by that Chairman, on the morning of each scheduled freeroll practice. The starting time for these tests shall be specified by the Safety Chairman, or anyone designated by that Chairman, sometime before the day of that freeroll practice.