Rule 9.2.5 Rolling Order

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The order in which the organizations who are participating in a freeroll practice session will be permitted to freeroll their buggies should usually be determined by the following procedure:

Before the first scheduled freeroll practice of each school semester, the Sweepstakes Chairman shall compile a list of all of the organizations wishing to participate in freeroll practices. This list shall be in a random order which shall be determined by a lottery method chosen by the Chairman. The order of this list shall be the rolling order for the first freeroll practice session of that semester. For each subsequent freeroll practice session of that semester, the rotation of the rolling order shall remain the same and the organization that rolls first shall be the organization that was next in the order to roll at the previous freeroll practice session when that practice session ended.

Changes to this rolling order procedure may be made for individual freeroll practices at the discretion of the Sweepstakes Chairman with the approval of the Sweepstakes Committee.