Rule 9.2.7 Follow Cars

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During each freeroll practice session, each participating organization must provide a motor vehicle known as a follow car which will drive around the buggy course directly behind that organization’s last buggy each time that organization freerolls its buggies. The follow car must be ready to leave when the organization receives the signal to start rolling its buggies from the Sweepstakes Chairman. The follow car must leave the Hill 2 lanes area of the course and be following the last buggy within 15 seconds of when that buggy is released into freeroll by its pusher. If this time limit is exceeded, the rolling organization will not be permitted to freeroll any of its buggies on its next turn in the rolling order, even if that turn isn’t until a freeroll practice session at a later date.

The follow car should stay approximately one hundred feet behind the last buggy. Several members of the freerolling organization should ride in the follow car so that they may observe the buggies from that vantage point and provide any assistance that may be necessary during that freeroll. In the event of an accident during a freeroll, the follow car should stop near the scene of the accident in order to render assistance to those involved in the accident. The members of the freerolling organization riding in the follow car MUST have any tools or devices that are necessary to quickly remove any of their drivers from their buggies. If an organization fails to have these tools or devices in the car following the buggies during any freeroll, that organization shall be fined the amount of $15.00 and shall not be permitted to freeroll any of its buggies for the remainder of that day.

Follow cars should not be stopped on the buggy course during freeroll practice sessions unless a buggy has stopped during its roll. Stopping a follow car on the course in order to talk to people or to allow people to enter or leave the car is strictly prohibited. Stopping a follow car while a freeroll practice is in progress creates a potential safety hazard and also causes delays to the buggies waiting to roll.

If the vehicle used as the follow car is a pick-up truck and there are people riding in the back of that truck, its tail gate must always be closed while the vehicle is moving in order to reduce the chances of anyone falling out of it.

At the discretion of the Sweepstakes Chairman, one or more organizations may be appointed to provide follow cars (with drivers) to follow the buggies of other organizations, either because they do not have access to a follow car vehicle during freeroll practices, or in order to reduce confusion and safety hazards caused by too many different follow cars during freeroll practices.