Rule 9.3.3 Notification

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The Sweepstakes Chairman shall notify the Carnegie Mellon University Campus Police Department when Push practice is scheduled to begin for the year. Each organization shall have a copy of the permits for push practice in case they are questioned by campus or city police. In addition, the campus community itself must be made aware of push practices. A post should be made to and a memo should be distributed to the faculty and staff so that they are knowledgeable concerning when and where push practices will be in progress.

Several times during the first two weeks of street push practices, informational flyers shall be distributed to all of the motor vehicles parked along Tech Street and Frew Street, by placing these flyers under the windshield wipers of these vehicles. These informational flyers shall be provided by the Sweepstakes Chairman or the Sweepstakes Advisor, and they shall inform the drivers of the parked vehicles that street push practices are now in progress and that caution must be observed when driving in that area until the races are over. These flyers shall be distributed by members of one or more organizations, as assigned by the Sweepstakes Chairman.