Rule 9.3.4 Barricades and Warning Signs

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Portable wooden barricades with warning signs shall be placed at several locations near Tech Street and Frew Street while street push practices are in progress, to warn and/or stop vehicular traffic when this traffic tries to approach these streets. The signs shall indicate that the road is, or may be, closed, and that there will be flaggers to stop and/or redirect traffic. The barricades and signs shall be put in place immediately before any street push practices begin, by the participants of those practices. They shall be removed within 15 minutes of the end of those practices by those same participants. The last organization to finish practicing on that hill is required to put the barricades and signs away, regardless of who set them out.

In order to provide the maximum amount of protection to the push practice participants, barricades should be placed at the following locations:

• Margaret Morrison Street, at its intersection with Tech Street.

• Frew Street on the eastern side of its intersection with Tech Street.

• Tech Street, just north of its intersection with Schenley Drive.

• Frew Street, just north of its intersection with Schenley Drive.

• Scaife Hall driveway at its intersection with Frew Street.

Any organization found to be conducting a push practice session without a sufficient number of barricades in place, shall be fined the amount of $15.00.