Rule 9.3.5 Flaggers

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Each organization conducting a street or sidewalk push practice session must have a minimum of four flaggers present in order to control vehicular traffic on Tech Street and Frew Street. Each organization shall equip their flaggers with reflective vests and flags which must be used while they are acting as flaggers. All vests and flags must be approved by the Safety Chairman or anyone designated by that Chairman. In addition, all flaggers at night time practices are advised to use flashlights, preferably with illuminated orange extensions, in order to make themselves more visible to vehicular traffic. Flaggers are also advised to wear orange, yellow, or white construction type hard hats, so that they may appear to be more official-looking to vehicular traffic.

When more than one organization is practicing on a hill or on adjacent hills, they may combine their flaggers in order to save manpower. However, if one organization leaves, any flaggers that leave with them must be replaced by the remaining organizations before they can continue practicing. In any event, flaggers from different organizations MUST cooperate with each other in order to control traffic. Flaggers should be positioned such that there is at least one flagger at each end, and one flagger in the middle, of each hill that is being used for practice. The flagger in the middle of the hill should be responsible for any vehicles that pull out of parking spaces along the hill.

Any organization that fails to provide the required number of properly equipped flaggers during any push practice shall be fined the amount of $15.00 for each missing or improperly equipped flagger, shall not be permitted to continue their push practice session that day, and shall not be permitted to participate in a push practice session on the next night that they are scheduled to practice.