Raceday 2015
April 17-18



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  • Michelle Wojdyla (DU little sister) on 2014-Apr-11 05:32:19 Michelle Wojdyla (DU little sister) said

    Delta Upsilon broke the record with 2:08.5. We held the fastest time for a few hours, and at the end of two days of races, we proudly held the title "fastest fraternity ever." Two-wheeled buggies were banned after this season.
  • the Pope on 2014-Apr-11 15:34:28 the Pope said

    Very cool buggy. Posed a significant disruption to the buggy establishment. The ban was/is silly. More of a result of the rule writers being threatened by this technology, bad timing of a few flops (that did not result n injury) and the truck fire, Bikes had been around for a long time before this with out issue. Fastest frat and 2nd fastest buggy time stood for many years until PKA broke that in the late 2000s. It was not just the buggy, that push team was motivated and quick.
  • the Pope on 2014-Apr-12 14:10:51 the Pope said

    Also, some of the cause for banning bikes was self inflicted by the aggressive tactics DU used (a little more training wheel would have gone a long way to keep bikes viable) and late changes to the buggies that reduced stability and fueled the haters

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