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April 21-22

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Rolls Report: February 19 – A day of Independents

Rolls were canceled late Friday night with an unfortunate message regarding Sweepstakes leadership health. Sunday morning got underway still lacking Sweepstakes Chair Enosh, who has a bad case of Pokérus brought on by the the recent update to Pokémon (Here is Enosh at the Dallas Regional). It’s looking warm for the start of Spring Rolls this […]

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Rolls Report: November 12 & 13 – MiniRaceday!!

Rolls this week were on the chilly side, topping out just above freezing both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday saw the bare minimum for quorum, which allowed Robobuggy to get in a couple extra rolls. The start of the weekend was more or less uneventful with some buggies getting up to 7 rolls. Very few alums […]

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Rolls Report: October 29 – Happy Halloween and Homecoming!

After a mid-semester break siesta, buggies were back and rolling this past Saturday. Sunday was preemptively canceled due to it being Halloween weekend. Sweepstakes figured the teams would be too exhausted from a late night of bobbing for apples and pumpkin carving. Yup, definitely that. It was also Scottie Saturday/Homecoming weekend, so the BAA had […]

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Rolls Report: October 15 & 16 – A relatively smooth weekend

It was a dry weekend that made for some excellent rolls this past weekend. Saturday was a bit chilly, but Sunday was absolutely beautiful. 7 teams made it out to at least one day of rolls with SAE and SigNu still trying to get through capes. Sweepstakes has been doing an excellent job keeping the […]

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Rolls Report: October 8 & 9 – The Actual First Day of Rolls!

Saturday was again too soggy for Rolls, and practice was again called off early by Sweepstakes. Sunday, although a bit chilly, was sunny, dry, and finally buggies were making their way around the course. We had 7 of the 9 teams out (SigNu and PhiDelt still need capes), and it was a relatively smooth first […]

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Rolls Report: April 9 & 10 – Truck Weekend

This week’s report is a different format and trimmed down compared to previous weeks. If you want to get a complete lowdown on buggy happenings, be sure to join up and become a member to get this year’s Raceday Preview. The Preview will be coming out in the next few days and will be full of great […]

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Timing Data: April 2

Thanks to one of our dedicated alumni, we have speed data from rolls on April 2. Using a multi-camera system, Shafeeq was able to calculate terminal Freeroll speeds and rollout speed (i.e. buggy speed after leaving the chute). The table gives the time of the rolls, the team and buggy name where known, as well […]

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Rolls Report: April 2 – More snow and no spins

This past weekend we had our last regular day of rolls before Truck Weekend. That means Carnival is just a little more than a week away! Have you registered for things? More importantly are you a member of the BAA? If you want to receive the Raceday Preview, donate $10 to the BAA and become […]

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Rolls Report: March 26 & 27 – Two weeks until Raceday!

Spring was in the air this week and Pittsburgh finally let us have a nice full weekend of rolls. All 10 teams rolled at least one day and what’s more, we are happy to report that although there were a couple controlled stops, there were no spins or other accidents. This always great to see […]

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Rolls Report: March 19 – Snowy Rolls

With last week being CMU’s spring break, we’ve been going through some serious buggy withdrawal for two weekends in a row. This past Saturday saw 7 teams and 17 buggies making their way around the course. After the first two teams rolled on Sunday, Pittsburgh decided that heavy snow was in order.  Given that no […]

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