Mother nature sent snow, flooding, freezing temperatures, and even an earthquake leading up to the weekend, but not even those could keep teams off the course for Truck Weekend. And what a weekend it was! Teams combined for 85 rolls on Saturday, and another 108(!) on Sunday. Even better, everyone qualified for Raceday! Because we’re busy getting ready for Raceday later this week, we don’t have a full Rolls Report for you here. But we did have volunteer timers on the course on both Saturday and Sunday, so if you want to see that data, as well as our Raceday predictions and other recap of the year and preview of the races, make sure that you’re a member so that you get our Raceday Preview.

But as this is the last Rolls Report of the year, I just wanted to give one last shout-out to everyone who helped out with these reports this year. You may be surprised to learn that I haven’t attended a single Rolls all year (it’s tough to attend when you live in California). So I mean this literally when I say that these Rolls Reports would not be possible without the help of all the alumni and students who provided information and photos this year. In particular, I want to thank alumni Rob Siemborski, Matt Gallabrese, Connor Hayes, Dan Becerra, Molly Browning, E. Forney, Meg Richards, Declan Kelly, Ben Matzke, Frank Li, and Sabrina Wang for their notes and photos throughout the year, and Rob, Matt, Connor, Molly, Guillermo Gomez, James Wong, Raymond Galeza, Ryan Davis, Natalie McGuier, and Shafeeq Sinnamohideen for their help timing buggies this weekend. I also want to give an extra special shout-out to the current students who took time on the weekends to send me updates, both from their teams as well as for Rolls generally – They not only ensured that everything was accurate (at least for their teams), but also provided a perspective that added way more depth to these Rolls Reports than we would have otherwise had. So thank you SO MUCH to Su Mae and Kaylie (PiKA), Lewis (SDC), Tiegan (Apex), Julia (CIA), and Delaynie (Robobuggy…and probably a bunch of other orgs too). My hope is that in future years, we get even more teams to fill us in with how they did each week, as we love to pass that information along to students and alumni who can’t make it to Rolls.

Our alumni volunteers were out in force this weekend to help with timing.

In the meantime, below is the chart for this weekend’s Rolls, as well as the links to both galleries. And now that Raceday is here, make sure you’re checking frequently, as you’ll be able to find all of our announcements, a schedule of events, links to the broadcasts, etc. here. If you’re a member, keep your eyes out for our Raceday Preview, coming out this week (with Truck Weekend details). We’ve also got our Lead Truck Auction starting soon. Plus, if you want to get yourself in the mood for Raceday, spend this week listening to Season 5 of Chute The Sh!t, as there are some great episodes (including wild tales from the 70s and 90s, a look at the origins of the cmuTV broadcast, and more modern takes with both the current SDC leadership and Sweepstakes Advisor Stacie Gardner). And lastly, if you are interested in being our Rolls Reporter next year, please reach out to us via Email, Discord, or even in person at Carnival!

ApexFirefly, Scorch, SolarisFirefly, Phoenix, Scorch, Solaris
CIAEquinox, Goldfinch, Kingfisher, RoadrunnerEmperor, Equinox, Goldfinch, Kingfisher
FringeBaltic, Blueshift, Brimstone, NB2024Baltic, Blueshift, Burnout, NB2024
PiKABanshee, RaptorBanshee, Raptor
RobobuggyNAND, Short CircuitNAND, Short Circuit
SDCBane, ViceBane, Vice
SigEpHydra, KrakenHydra, Kraken
SigNuBungarus Krait, JaegerBungarus Krait, Jaeger
SpiritInviscid, Kingpin, Mapambazuko, SeraphKingpin, Mapambazuko, Seraph
1 Driver Qualified, 2 Drivers Qualified, 2024 Build

Photos: Saturday Gallery (upload); Sunday Gallery (upload)

Rolls Awards. Since it’s the last Rolls Report of the year, I figured I’d take this opportunity to give out a couple of “Rolls Report Awards”, honoring the best of the best this year.

  • Overall – Most Rolls: TIE – Elizabeth (SDC) and Amber (CIA) – 69 rolls
    • First Runner Up: Nanz (Spirit) – 65 rolls
    • Second Runner Up: Kaylan (CIA) – 58 rolls
  • Overall – Most Rolls in a Single Buggy: Amber (CIA) – 69 rolls in Roadrunner
    • First Runner Up: Nanz (Spirit) – 65 rolls in Zuke
    • Second Runner Up: Natalie (Spirit) – 57 rolls in Seraph
  • OverallMost Rolls (Veteran Driver Division): Natalie (Spirit) – 57 rolls in Seraph
    • First Runner Up: Lucy (CIA) – 55 rolls, with 20 in Goldfinch, 18 in Kingfisher, and 17 in Emperor
    • Second Runner Up: Jazz (CIA) – 49 rolls in Equinox
  • Overall – Most Drivers in a Single Buggy: PiKA, with 4 drivers in Raptor
    • First Runner Up: CIA, with 3 drivers in Kingfisher
  • OverallTotal Number of Rookie Drivers with at least 1 completed Roll: 22
  • OverallTotal Number of Qualified Rookie/Veteran Drivers: 17 Rookie Drivers, 12 Veteran Drivers
  • Fall – Most Rolls: Amber (CIA) – 50 rolls in Roadrunner
    • First Runner Up: Kaylan (CIA) – 41 rolls, with 25 in Emperor and 16 in Equinox
    • Second Runner Up: Elizabeth (SDC) – 38 rolls, with 26 in Avarice and 12 in Vice
  • FallMost Rolls (Veteran Driver Division): Natalie (Spirit) – 36 rolls in Seraph
    • First Runner Up: Jazz (CIA) – 33 rolls in Equinox
    • Second Runner Up: Lucy (CIA) – 30 rolls, with 18 in Kingfisher and 12 in Emperor
  • Fall – Most Rolls in a Single Buggy: Amber (CIA) – 50 rolls in Roadrunner
    • First Runner Up: Natalie (Spirit) – 36 rolls in Seraph
    • Second Runner Up: Nanz (Spirit) – 35 rolls in Zuke
  • Fall – Most Rolls in a Single Day (Buggy/Driver): TIE – Most of CIA with 9
    • Lucy – 9 in Kingfisher on 9/16/23, 9 in Emperor on 11/11/23
    • Jazz – 9 in Equinox on 9/16/23
    • Amber – 9 in Roadrunner on 11/11/23
    • Kaylan – 9 in Equinox on 11/11/23
  • Fall – Most Rolls in a Single Day (Org): CIA – 29 rolls on 9/16/23
  • Fall – Most Drivers in a Single Day (Org): Fringe – 5 drivers (across 4 buggies) on 11/4/23
  • Fall – Most Days Attended (Org): TIE – 10 (CIA, Fringe, and Spirit)
  • Spring- Most Rolls: TIE – Audrey (CIA) and Elizabeth (SDC) – 31 rolls
    • First Runner Up: Nanz (Spirit) – 30 rolls
    • Second Runner Up: Ivania (Spirit) – 27 rolls
  • Spring – Most Rolls in a Single Buggy: Audrey (CIA) – 31 rolls in Kingfisher
    • Co-First Runner Up: Elizabeth (SDC) – 30 rolls in Vice
    • Co-First Runner Up: Nanz (Spirit) – 30 rolls in Zuke
  • SpringMost Rolls (Veteran Driver Division): Audrey (CIA) – 31 rolls in Kingfisher
    • First Runner Up: Lucy (CIA) – 25 rolls, with 20 in Goldfinch and 5 in Emperor
    • Second Runner Up: Natalie (Spirit) – 21 rolls in Seraph
  • Spring – Most Rolls in a Single Day (Buggy/Driver): TIE – CIA Drivers (Audrey in Kingfisher, Kaylan in Emperor, Amber in Roadrunner) with 7 on 3/31/24
    • Co-First Runner Up: Spirit Drivers (Nanz in Zuke, Natalie in Seraph) with 6 on 2/11/24
    • Co-First Runner Up: Lucy (CIA) with 6 on 3/30/24
    • Co-First Runner Up: SDC Drivers (Ezrin, Elizabeth) with 6 on 3/31/24
    • Co-First Runner Up: Lizzie (SigEp) with 6 on 4/6/24 and 4/7/24
  • Spring – Most Rolls in a Single Day (Org): CIA – 21 rolls on 3/31/24
  • Spring – Most Drivers in a Single Day (Org): TIE – 5 (Spirit in 2/24/24, CIA on 3/24/24)
  • Spring – Most Days Attended (Org): TIE – 9 (Fringe, SDC, SigEp, Spirit)

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