Rolls Report – February 27

February 27, 2021

We definitely were graced with a safe but interesting first day of spring rolls! After Saturday rolls were cancelled due to very cold weather, teams finally made it out, albeit without EMS due to an unfortunate scheduling confusion.

A couple of entertaining incidents:

  • An old guy on the course with a cane yelling at people and birds? A lead car was sent before Spirit’s 4th roll to ensure neither the buggies nor the old guy were harmed
  • At the same time as a stop in the chute (see below), a car honked and then drove straight into the outer schenley bridge barricade. Thankfully he stopped and left before making it anywhere near any buggies.
  • A school bus briefly needed to make a 22-point turn inside of the Hill 1 barricade, causing a brief delay towards the end of rolls

See here for a gallery of the weekend’s photos:

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Rolls Report – November 21

November 21, 2021

Sweepers clean up the mass of leaves left by the Ginkgo trees.

CIA: Aurora, Equinox

PiKA: Raptor, Banshee

Spirit: Kingpin, Zuke, Inviscid

SAE: Eileen

Fringe: Bumper, Blind Faith

DG: Brazen

Very uneventful day! The only delay was chores getting started (it was tree shedding day and there were tons of leaves all over the course) 

CIA: taking it light with two buggies out—six rolls for Equinox and five for Aurora

PiKA: , six rolls for Raptor, five for Banshee (Banshee didn’t get one for a last-minute goggles fogging issue. They also got called out by EMS for follow car-ring too speedy

Spirit: Spirit had one small stop today – zuke in front was going really slowly, so the flaggers threw stop flags for the back two to avoid any sort of a sketchy pass. Zuke had some time to get ahead, and mechanics from the follow car pushed the other two buggies through. They ended up with five rolls for kingpin and inviscid (lost one each from the stop) but only one the whole day for Zuke

SAE: It was SAE’s first day out! They ended up getting four safe and solid rolls 😊

Fringe: Fringe never got more than one buggy out at a time. They ended up getting three rolls each for Bumper and Blind Faith 

DG: DG’s second day out! They seem to be doing really well, and got four rolls for Brazen. 

Rolls Report – November 14th

November 14, 2021

SigEp: Hydra

CIA: Kingfisher, Aurora, Tempest

PiKA: Banshee

Apex: Molotov, Solaris

SDC: Bane, Havoc, Vanity, Avarice

Spirit: KP, Seraph

Fringe: Baltic

DG: Brazen

SigEp: Ended up scratching every roll despite staging and dropping successfully D:

CIA: Accidental pass between Aurora and Kingfisher at one point, but otherwise smooth day with 6 rolls for Aurora and Tempest and 5 for Kingfisher

PiKA: Only one buggy out; Pike was only five rolls because one of theirs had a controlled top due to a Spin Scooter maintenance guy crossing the course

Apex: Didn’t stick around the whole day, but four rolls each for Molotov and Solaris with Solaris’ rubbing issues seemingly resolved

SDC: Dropped all four buggies, only rolled Avarice once, Bane got 6 rolls and Havoc got 5

Spirit: Six rolls for each of KP and Seraph

Fringe: 5 rolls for just Baltic

DG: DG’s first day!! 3 very smooth bagged rolls for their new driver today, lots of excitement to see them out on the course

Rolls Report – Mini Raceday!


SDC: Bane, Vice, Avarice

Fringe: Blind Faith, Baltic, 

Apex: Pheonix, Firefly, Molotov

Spirit: Zuke, KP, Seraph, Inviscid 

CIA: Kingfisher, Emperor, Tempest, Aurora

SigEp: Kraken, 

PiKA: Raptor, Cleo, Banshee

View timing info here:

View live stream recording here:

Congrats to everyone on a very smooth and productive mini raceday!! A special congratulations to Spirit for having the fastest time of the day. 

Congratulations to the winner of Fantasy Buggy: Dave Singh with a total time of 150.12. We will be contacting you for the best way to get you your Buggy Prize Pack.

Also we’d like to recognize our top Front Hill / Buggy and Back Hill Times:

  • Best Front Hill / Free Roll: tie between Bobbie Chen and Dan Francis (86.56)
  • Best Back Hill: Andy Bordick (59.18)
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Rolls Report – October 30th

October 30, 2021

PiKA: Banshee, Cleo, Raptor 

Apex: Molotov, Solaris 

SDC: Bane, Havoc, Vice, Vanity 

Spirit: Zuke, Kingpin II, Seraph, Inviscid 

Minor delays throughout the day due to Scaife construction crane-ing stuff over the course as well as a Quiz Bowl in Porter Hall that saw increased numbers of pedestrians. But all in all a relatively smooth day of rolls given how few teams were out. After today, every caped team has at least one driver/buggy pair at full rolls carryover for the fall for 13 total pairings at full carryover. 

Apex: Four rolls for Molotov and two for Solaris—some brake and harness rope rubbing issues on Solaris that slowed it down in the chute, but other than that no incidents. 

SDC: Vanity’s axle fell off in the first roll (she had visibility issues due to the construction lights and clipped the outer chute bales) and was scratched the rest of the day, but the other three buggies comfortably got 2 rolls in each. 

Spirit: Unfortunately, Inviscid never hit the course, but Seraph and KP each got 3 rolls and Zuke got 2. 

PiKA: Three rolls for each of Banshee, Cleo, and Raptor with no issues or incidents!

Rolls Report – October 10

This day of rolls started out like any other day so far this year. A small delay due to a truck delivery coming in for parents weekend, some wildlife on the course (living geese and dead chipmunks) and a sleeping barricader leading to an EMS and CMUPD call. Unfortunately, it ended with an ambulance on the course to attend to a buggy crash.

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Rolls Report – September 25: They made it out again!

A pretty easy weekend of rolls. For day 2, the 13 minute delay (due to some chores complications) wasn’t too bad! Sweeps got through the roll order 3 times, so a solid day overall. Four teams with four buggies out each, and SigEp made it out for the first week as well! Props as always to Kaycee, Frank, Sydney and Nahyun for killing it another day! <3

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Rolls Report: Sept 18 – Buggies are back (for real this time)!

Hello all buggy friends!! Happy first rolls report of the year!
Despite the last few years, we were fortunate to be graced by a pretty normal first weekend of rolls by the buggy gods. After Saturday was unfortunately cancelled due to a variety of issues (no officers, cars and construction equipment on the course, unpaved rolls), teams came out STRONG on Sunday, despite some difficult challenges:

  1. Difficult and unpaved roads!! Construction equipment left a bunch of hard-to-remove debris plus car accident shrapnel which lead to…
  2. Chores difficulties!! Sweeping the roads and making sure that they were safe was a much bigger challenge than it normally is! Also some confusion around where bales go didn’t help.

Definitely an interesting weekend…

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Rolls Report: May 1 & 2 – Mini Raceday

space space space

This year’s Raceday looked very different from those in the past. The years 2020 and 2021 brought a lot of challenges for students and the buggy community as a whole. However, despite all odds, I’m excited to report that CMU once again got to see some buggies racing around the course.

This year’s timed trials ran similarly to the Mini Racedays that typically occur in the fall. Before getting to the times and observations, I thought it would be helpful to preface this report with some of the changes and rules that were established to ensure that these rolls were carried out as safely as possible.

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