Rolls Report: February 11 – Super Buggy Sunday

Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow last week, which can only mean one thing – Buggy is back! While you were preparing to watch the Chiefs battle the 49ers, or Usher’s Halftime Show, or Super Bowl Commercials, or Taylor Swift, buggy organizations were waking up early and ringing in the Spring semester with some Rolls! The plan was for 2 days, but a last-minute rainstorm on Saturday morning caused Rolls to be cancelled.  But things cleared up for Sunday, allowing for 7 organizations to come out and get well on their way to qualification for Raceday 2024.

No shadows and a bunch of flags means that Buggy is back!

ApexFirefly, Scorch, Solaris
CIAEmperor, Kingfisher
FringeBaltic, Blueshift, Burnout
RobobuggyShort Circuit
SigEpHydra, Kraken
SpiritMapambazuko, Seraph

Photos: Sunday Gallery (upload)

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Rolls Report: November 11 & 12 – Homecoming

This weekend was Homecoming at CMU. Alumni who were back on campus got to see the CMU football team take home the 37th annual Academic Bowl, taste the various chilis at the 20th Annual CMU Chili Cook-Off, and attend the official grand opening of the new Scaife Hall. But most importantly, they were able to fill up on donuts and coffee courtesy of the BAA at Rolls! It was a full weekend of Rolls, with 7 orgs out each day and a lot of time to roll, leading to over 120 individual rolls across the 9 total organizations. It wasn’t without hiccups though, as the near-freezing temperatures saw a couple of buggy parts littering the course and one – well, two – very close calls with a bicyclist.

The one buggy we could ALL probably fit (well, other than Limo)

ApexMolotov, Scorch——
CIAEmperor, Equinox, RoadrunnerEquinox, Roadrunner
FringeBaltic, Brimstone, BurnoutBlueshift
PiKABanshee, RaptorRaptor
SpiritMapambazuko, SeraphMapambazuko, Seraph

Photos: Saturday Gallery (upload) | Sunday Gallery (upload)

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Rolls Report: November 4 & 5 – Mini-Raceday

This week, we set the clocks back and the buggies forward, as Saturday was Mini-Raceday! The shortest day of Rolls of the year saw a lot of excitement, as 8 orgs were out doing full Hill 1s and getting some times. Sunday saw a smaller crowd, as several orgs decided to get the extra hour of sleep instead of more Fall rolls, leading to a Rolls session that actually ended early.

Red sky in the morning, Buggy drivers take warning… that it’s Mini-Raceday!

ApexFirefly, SolarisSolaris
CIAEmperor, Equinox, Kingfisher, RoadrunnerEquinox, Roadrunner
FringeBaltic, Blueshift, Brimstone, BurnoutBurnout
Robobuggy——Short Circuit
SDCVanity, ViceVice
SigEpHydra, Kraken——
SpiritInviscid, Kingpin*, MapambazukoInviscid, Mapambazuko

Photos: Saturday Gallery (upload) | Sunday Gallery (upload)

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Rolls Report: October 28 – Happy Halloween

It was Halloween weekend at the corner of Tech & Frew, which meant a very important thing: Buggy Costumes! Of course, it also meant that there were Halloween parties Saturday night, and as is pretty common, party nights mean tired* students that don’t want to wake up for Rolls at 4am the next day. Because of that, there was no quorum for Sunday rolls, leaving us with just 1 day of Rolls this weekend.

CIAEmperor, Equinox, Roadrunner
FringeBlueshift, Brimstone, Burnout
PiKABanshee, Raptor
SDCAvarice, Vanity
SpiritKingpin, Seraph

Photos: Saturday Gallery (upload)

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Rolls Report: September 30 & October 1 – Gimme A Break

Heavy fog rolled in to Pittsburgh this weekend, but even that wasn’t enough to stop CMU students from showing up for both days of rolls. Overall, it was a pretty quiet weekend of rolls, with teams that have been out taking it a bit easier this weekend. But it did include the return to the course for a couple of teams, and one new “organization”?

I’m pretty sure I remember the Cathedral being taller than that

CIAEmperor, EquinoxKingfisher
FringeBaltic, BrimstoneBrimstone, Burnout
PiKABanshee, RaptorBanshee, Raptor
SpiritInviscid, MapambazukoMapambazuko, Seraph

Photos: Saturday Gallery (upload) | Sunday Gallery (upload)

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Rolls Report: September 23 – It’s Like Bane On Your Wedding Day

If rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, what does it mean if there’s Buggy on your wedding day? With the Great Race on Sunday, there was only 1 day of Rolls this weekend. But with 6 teams on the course, even some more wildlife and vehicular traffic couldn’t stop rolls for too long and teams got a fair number of clean rolls in.

Brimstone running away from the altar

ApexFirefly, Scorch
CIAEmperor, Kingfisher, Roadrunner
FringeBaltic, Brimstone
PiKABanshee*, Cleona*, Raptor
SpiritInviscid, Kingpin, Seraph

Photos: Saturday Gallery (upload)

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Rolls Report: September 16 & 17 – Happy New Year!

Shana Tova to those who celebrate! This weekend marked the start of not only Year 5784 on the Hebrew calendar, but Year 103 on the Buggy calendar! That’s right – We’re back for the 2023-2024 Buggy Season! And what a weekend it was. It was a mix of new and returning this weekend – new and returning students, new and returning teams, new and returning wildlife, and new and returning road hazards.

Some new wildlife: A wild Shelmet appears!

Some new wildlife: A wild Shelmet appears!

ApexMolotov, Scorch, SolarisFirefly, Solaris
CIAEmperor, Equinox, Kingfisher, RoadrunnerEmperor, Equinox, Roadrunner
FringeBaltic, BrimstoneBurnout
SpiritKingpin, SeraphInviscid, Kingpin, Seraph

Photos: Saturday Gallery (upload) / Sunday Gallery (upload)

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First day of freerolls

It was an exciting morning as ten teams turned out for the first day of freeroll practice. The sun was shining, buggies were bagged and lots of new drivers took the wheel to kick off the ’08-’09 season. The Sweepstakes committee did a great job of getting things moving and keeping the momentum through the morning. Here’s how the teams faired:

Pioneers, and Beta did not roll. CIA did Beta’s chores for the day, and the Phipps barricades were guarded by three of CIA’s six drivers.

KDR had a very short first day on the course, hitting the curb near transition after being the first buggy to roll for the year. They scratched the rest of the day.

SAE/Kappa: This combo team of SAE and Kappa Kappa Gamma brings back SAE’s late 90s buggy, Rubicon, and gives Kappa’s sisters a little more refined machine than Ursula. First roll, hatch dragged through the chute. Second roll, the driver lost visibility and made a beeline for the monument, nearly hitting it before making a sharp right turn towards the curb and stopping just in time.

AEPi: Big attendance, two buggies (Zephyrus and Camo).

SigNu: The Zoo rolled King of Spades, Tenth Commandment, and Skua. A memorable hill 5 was pushed by this guy:

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