Rolls Report: October 28 – Happy Halloween

It was Halloween weekend at the corner of Tech & Frew, which meant a very important thing: Buggy Costumes! Of course, it also meant that there were Halloween parties Saturday night, and as is pretty common, party nights mean tired* students that don’t want to wake up for Rolls at 4am the next day. Because of that, there was no quorum for Sunday rolls, leaving us with just 1 day of Rolls this weekend.

CIAEmperor, Equinox, Roadrunner
FringeBlueshift, Brimstone, Burnout
PiKABanshee, Raptor
SDCAvarice, Vanity
SpiritKingpin, Seraph

Photos: Saturday Gallery (upload)

Observations: Normally, we would break down this section into a couple of “general” observations about Rolls as a whole for the weekend, and then a team-by-team breakdown. But this week, we didn’t get many notes from Rolls, other than being told that they were generally clean. So here’s what we have.

  • DG. DG is back! We don’t have any notes on them, but the roll count says they got 4 rolls in on Saturday, so we assume they went smoothly. It’s always great to see teams come back out, and with DG’s appearance we’ve now seen 10 organizations on the course so far this year.
  • PiKA. PiKA was out this week with 2 buggies and 3 drivers, with Raptor dressed as a cow. Banshee picked up 3 rolls, while Cow Raptor got 5 split between its two drivers. It was a clean day.

Did dinosaurs and cows exist at the same time? This buggy suggests Yes.

  • SDC. SDC increased their number of buggies at Rolls from 1 to…3? Along with Avarice, which was dressed as a carrot, Vanity was back on the course for the first time this weekend in its Cookie Monster costume, and it picked up its first 3 rolls of the year for new driver Ezrin. But the real mystery was inside the tent, as a familiar-looking black cat buggy mysteriously appeared on Halloween weekend. We’ve got our eyes open to see if this was a special guest appearance, or if Malice is rejoining the SDC cast.

A black cat crossing your path might be bad luck, but how about a black Malice?

  • Costumes. We also heard reports that Spirit’s buggies were in costume as well. Kingpin was reportedly dressed as Batman, while Seraph dressed as Barbie – we assume the character and not the Frontier buggy, though based on CIA’s 2019 buggy costumes, we can’t be sure of that. And that’s because we don’t have any photos! If you have any photos of these costumed buggies, or anything else from Rolls, please upload them to our gallery here!

Me want cookie, not carrot!

That’s all we have for this week. Was your team missing? Were you hoping for more info about Rolls? Us too! But we need your help in order to get it! Please help us by signing up to take notes/photos here. Reminder that NEXT WEEKEND IS MINI-RACEDAY, so we’ll REALLY need help next weekend, both for getting notes/photos and collecting times. And if you have information from this weekend’s rolls, or any others, feel free to pass them along and we’ll update this post. A few years from now, no one will know that some of the information came in a little late… As always, huge shout-outs to Lewis (from SDC) and Su Mae (from PiKA) for giving us some photos and info about how their rolls went this weekend.