Rolls Report: March 31 & April 1 – No joke, a full weekend of Rolls

Just a couple quick announcements before diving into all the Buggy-goodness:

  1. The BAA needs you! With Carnival just 15 days away, we are looking for volunteers to help out with various Raceday-related events including the WRCT broadcast, Design Showcase Panel, Tabling, and updating the official race times on the BAA website. If you can help, please sign up. We will have small tokens of our thanks for your time, as well as a free buggy book!
  2. If you are currently reading this rolls report you should feel obligated to call, text, tweet at Pittsburgh 311 and to tell them that the road at the intersection of Tech Street and Schenley Drive is in an unacceptable condition. Coming over the top of hill two took more than a few drivers by surprise to the tune of lost hatches and catching air and possibly influenced worse mechanical issues. Phone Number: 3-1-1 (Pittsburgh Area) 412-255-2621 (Outside PGH)
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Rolls Report: March 3 – End of Hibernation

  1. This past Saturday saw the first day of Spring 2018 rolls! With only 6 short weeks until Raceday, this practice was eagerly anticipated; at least by a few teams. While the skies were bright and clear on Saturday, the temperature was just warm enough for pushers and drivers to do their thing. Sunday Rolls were called off on Saturday morning in anticipation of temperatures below 25F and subsequent low team turnout.

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Rolls Report: Nov. 12 – Mini-Raceday!

This past weekend, Pittsburgh saw some more wintry weather. While snow wasn’t flying, a 20F morning on Saturday lead to cancelled Rolls. Fortunately the temperature on Sunday crept up above freezing and we were able to have Mini-Raceday! The tl;dr is that Spirit took fastest Freeroll, the PiKA women were the swiftest on the backhills, and SDC took both fastest men’s backhills and fastest overall time. The official Sweepstakes times are towards the end of the post along with timing data from the BAA’s own Shafeeq S.

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Rolls Report: April 15 – Truck Weekend!

Can you believe it, buggy fans? We are just days away from the event we’ve been waiting all year for!!! Raceday 2017 is upon us, which means that this past weekend was our annual buggy dress rehearsal, a.k.a. Truck Weekend. Due to significant rain Sunday morning, it was really more like Truck Saturday, but that didn’t stop all 9 human teams and 2 robotic buggies from getting in those final few precious rolls.

After a grueling Heat Selection meeting last night, it is now confirmed that 22 women’s teams will roll in 10 heats and 27 men’s teams will roll in 12 heats. Stay tuned for the official schedule to be posted.

As per tradition, this rolls report isn’t going to contain too much information as we prepare to send out the much anticipated Raceday Preview. This year’s preview is jam-packed with team summaries, photos, alumni interviews, and predictions amongst other awesome buggy-ness. How do you get access to this amazing document? Simple: pay your BAA dues ($10). BAA dues go a long way to helping us keep you up-to-date on the latest buggy news as well as provide critical support to the current students. Plus, you get the Raceday Preview; that alone is worth the measly $10. You can join the BAA or renew your membership here.

Without further ado, the buggies that were rolling this Saturday and some sweet, sweet timing data!

In Attendance 

Org Saturday
Apex Phoenix, Ember, Kyle
CIA Equinox, Tempest, Orca, Impulse, Emperor
Fringe Boson, Bolt, Bissa, NB17
PhiDelt Argo
PiKA Cliodhna, Raptor, Banshee
SAE Lucy
SDC Malice, Havoc, Bane, Avarice, Rage
SigEp Barracuda, Kraken, Beyonce
SigNu Krait
Spirit Inviscid, Zuke, King Pin

Observations (Saturday Gallery)

The following data is a compilation of the laser-based system and the video-based system we have reported data from in the past. SDC, PiKA, Spirit, Fringe, and CIA are all, unsurprisingly, at the top of the pack. We’ll let you pour over the numbers though.

Remember, for a final wrap up of how the teams are looking before Raceday, pay your dues and check out the Raceday Preview!

Team Buggy Monument (mph) Steps (mph) Jumbotron (mph) Loss (%)
Apex Ember 28.5 21.6 24%
Apex Ember 26.3 27.6
Apex Kyle 31.8 26
Apex Kyle 32 25.4 21%
Apex Kyle 30.6 32
Apex Phoenix 30 24.8 17%
Apex Phoenix 30.8 25.1 18%
CIA Emperor 30.7 26.6 13%
CIA Emperor 29.2 30.4 26.4 13%
CIA Emperor 31 26.8 13%
CIA Equinox 34.1 29.2 14%
CIA Equinox 34 35.3 29.5 16%
CIA Equinox 36.1 29.7 18%
CIA Impulse 32.2 26 19%
CIA Impulse 29.9 31.3 25.5 18%
CIA Impulse 31 25 19%
CIA Orca 32.9 27.5 16%
CIA Orca 31.1 32 27.5 14%
CIA Orca 31.7 26.4 17%
CIA Tempest 34.8 29.5 15%
CIA Tempest 35.7 28.9 19%
CIA Tempest 34.7 29.5 15%
Fringe Bissa? 28.7 22.4 22%
Fringe Bissa? 32.9 25.4 23%
Fringe Bissa? 35.3 28.2 20%
Fringe Bolt 33.5 27 19%
Fringe Bolt 29.6 25.4 14%
Fringe Bolt 32.5 34.7 27.5 21%
Fringe Boson 28.2
Fringe Boson 31 26 16%
Fringe Boson 36.1 28.9 20%
Fringe NB17 36.1 28.4 21%
Fringe NB17 29.2
Fringe NB17 33.2 34.8 28.9 17%
PhiDelt Emily 27.3 28.6 23.5
PhiDelt Emily 25.6 21.1 18%
PhiDelt Emily 26.6 27.9 20.5 26%
PiKA Banshee 33.4 34.5 29.5 14%
PiKA Banshee 35.5 36.8 29.7
PiKA Banshee 34.5 35.7 28.4 20%
PiKA Cliodhna 34.7 27.3
PiKA Cliodhna 32.6 34.2 27.7 19%
PiKA Cliodhna 33.2 34.7 27 22%
PiKA Raptor 30 31.8 23.9 25%
PiKA Raptor 30.7 32.2 26.2
PiKA Raptor 33 28
SAE Lucy 34.1 27 21%
SAE Lucy 33.5 26.8 20%
SAE Lucy 32.7 25.4 23%
SDC Avarice 32.3 33.3 28.2 15%
SDC Avarice 31.5 27.5
SDC Avarice 33.6 28.4 16%
SDC Avarice 34.4 35.5
SDC Bane 35.2 36.1 30.6 15%
SDC Bane 33.1 28.2 15%
SDC Bane 32.1 33.3 28.2 15%
SDC Bane? 32.2
SDC Havoc 33.8 26.2
SDC Havoc 32.9 27.7 16%
SDC Havoc 31.4 32.4 26.2 19%
SDC Malice 34.5 35.3 29.5 16%
SDC Malice 35.7 30.3
SDC Malice 36.6 30.8 16%
SDC Malice 33.4 34.2 28.7 16%
SDC Rage 30.8 31.7 26.4 17%
SigEp Barracuda 33.9 27.3
SigEp Beyonce 21.8
SigEp Beyonce 27.3 28.7
SigEp Beyonce 29.4 31 25.4 18%
SigEp Beyonce 29.7 31 24.8 20%
SigEp Beyonce 28.7 29.7
SigEp Kraken 29.1 23.7 19%
SigEp Kraken 29.3 30.7 24.6 20%
SigEp Kraken 27.9 29.1 23.7 19%
SigNu Krait 33.5 35.3 27.7 22%
SigNu Krait 34.5 28.4 18%
Spirit Inviscid 34.7 28.4 18%
Spirit Inviscid 34.7 28.9 17%
Spirit Inviscid 33.4 34.8 29.7 15%
Spirit Kingpin 35.1 28.4 19%
Spirit Kingpin 34 35.3 27.5 22%
Spirit Kingpin 36 37.1 28.9 22%
Spirit Zuke 34.5 27.3 21%
Spirit Zuke 28.5 29.7 23.7 20%
Spirit Zuke! 35 36.8 27.5 25%

See you on Friday for prelims!

Rolls Report Contributors:
Natalie M.


Rolls Report: April 8 & 9 – Rapidly approaching Raceday!

Can you believe it, Buggy fans? Raceday 2017 is a mere week away! Much like our buggies, time seems to be speeding up as we approach the pinnacle of buggy-lover activities. Every org but one was out and getting in those last few rolls before Truck Weekend. Though, it seems that several teams are waiting on their duct tape orders to arrive. Ethan G (report writer and radioman extraordinaire) amassed quite the collection of hatches and various buggy bits that came loose in the chute.

If you arrived at rolls before 6:30 on Saturday, you’d have seen about 100 vehicles on the course as EMS borrowed our closed roads to do some training for their drivers. Rolls scheduled to start earlier this weekend were delayed on Saturday by course works and confusion on the roads as we scrambled to get the flaggers to their positions before their buggies were rolling. There was a little chaos and many teams were not prepared as Sweepstakes called for first roll.

Triple Buggy Spin – The major incident on the course this weekend occurred Sunday during a joint PhiDelt and Apex Roll. After passing Panther Hollow bridge and the transition flaggers the driver of the lead PhiDelt buggy felt, or heard something that upset her enough to put on the brakes. After applying the brakes the buggy went into a spin and came to a stop in the middle of the roadway. Unfortunately they were being closely followed by 2 Apex buggies ‘Ember’ and ‘Kyle’. Upon seeing stop flags Ember applied the brakes and pulled left, spinning around and coming to a stop against the sidewalk. ‘Kyle’ seeing this attempted to steer to a wide right of the pileup and applied the brakes as she headed towards the monument. ‘Kyle’ at this point also spun around and came to a stop leaving 3 buggies facing the wrong direction just upstream of the monument. EMS cleared all the drivers for be pushed through but this very unexpected turn of events results in a significant rolls slow-down.

In Attendance 

Org Saturday Sunday
Apex  Phoenix Kyle, Ember
CIA  Orca, Tempest, Emperor Orca, Impulse, Emperor
Fringe  Bolt, Bissa, Beacon, NB17, Boson Boson, Bolt, NB17, Beacon
PhiDelt Emily Emily
PiKA  Banshee, Cliodhna Banshee, Cliodhna, Raptor
SAE  Lucy
SDC  Malice, Havoc, Bane, Avarice, Rage Malice, Havoc, Bane Avarice, Rage
SigEp  Kraken, Barracuda, Beyonce Kraken, Barracuda, Beyonce
Spirit  Inviscid, Zuke, King Pin Inviscid, Zuke, King Pin

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Timing Data: April 2

As promised (and only a day late), here is the timing data as acquired and analyzed by Shafeeq. As a reminder, this system works by taking a video and extrapolating speed as a buggy passes through two designated points in the frame. “Steps” refers to the steps towards the end of the Freeroll between the monument and chute flagger. “Meter” refers to a point approximately half way though the Chute. % Speed Lost is a estimation of the amount of speed a buggy bleeds off making the Chute turn. It is not terribly surprising that the fastest teams into and out of the Chute (in order) are: SDC, Fringe, Spirit, and CIA. Based on these preliminary numbers, SDC’s Malice will be the buggy to beat in two weeks.

Team Buggy Steps (mph) Meter (mph) % Speed Lost
Apex Phoenix 28.2 24.8 12
Apex Ember 18
Apex “Kyle” 26.1 20.5 21
Apex “Kyle” 25.3 20.7 18
Apex Phoenix 24.1
Apex Ember 22.8 17.7 22
Apex “Kyle” 25.4 20.4 20
Apex Phoenix 28 24.2 14
Apex Ember 17.6
CIA Tempest 31.3 28 11
CIA Impulse 29.1 24.2 17
CIA Orca 30.2 25.7 15
CIA Emperor 19 12.5 34
CIA Tempest 30.8 27.7 10
CIA Impulse 29.7
CIA Orca 29.3 26.4 10
CIA Emperor 16.9 8.9 47
CIA Tempest 31.8 27.5 14
CIA Impulse 29.9 25.1 16
CIA Orca 29.9
CIA Emperor 17.2
Fringe Red/Blue 33.3 28.4 15
Fringe Bolt 34.5 28.9 16
Fringe Red/Blue 34.2 28.9 15
Fringe Primer/Blue
Fringe Bolt 29 24.4 16
Fringe Red/Blue 33.9 28.9 15
Fringe Primer/Blue 32.5 27 17
Fringe Bolt 33.1 28 15
Fringe Red/Blue 34.7 29.2 16
Fringe Bolt 32.5 28.9 11
Robobuggy Transistor 16.8
Robobuggy Transistor 17.3 11.3 35
SDC Malice 35.7 30.3 15
SDC Bane 32.2 27.3 15
SDC Rage 21.3
SDC Havoc 29.6 25.5 14
SDC Orange 23.4
SDC Malice 36.4
SDC Bane 30.8 26.2 15
SDC Orange 30.2 25.5 16
SDC Havoc 29.1 25 14
SDC Rage
SDC Malice 35.7 30.8 14
SDC Bane 29.9 25.4 15
SDC Orange 30.2 25.5 16
SDC Rage 29.4
SDC Malice 35.7 30.6 14
SDC Bane 30.2 25.1 17
SDC Orange 30.7 26.2 15
SDC Havoc 29.6 24.6 17
SigEp Barracuda 33.9 26.2 23
SigEp Kraken 14.9 5.5 63
SigEp Kraken 26.5 20.9 21
SigEp Barracuda 32.9 27.3 17
SigEp Kraken 25.5 21.1 17
SigEp Barracuda 28.7 23.3 19
SigEp Kraken 27.9 22.7 19
SigEp Barracuda 29.3 24 18
Spirit Kingpin 35.3 29.7 16
Spirit Zuke 29.7 22.7 24
Spirit Inviscid 29.9 25.7 14
Spirit Zuke 33.5 27.3 19
Spirit Kingpin 33.9 29.2 14
Spirit Inviscid 30.4
Spirit Kingpin 34.5 28.7 17
Spirit Zuke 32 26.4 18
Spirit Inviscid 30.5 25.7 16
Spirit Zuke 35.1 29.2 17
Spirit Kingpin 34.5 30 13
Spirit Inviscid 30.7 26.4 14

Rolls Report: February 19 – A day of Independents

Rolls were canceled late Friday night with an unfortunate message regarding Sweepstakes leadership health. Sunday morning got underway still lacking Sweepstakes Chair Enosh, who has a bad case of Pokérus brought on by the the recent update to Pokémon (Here is Enosh at the Dallas Regional).

It’s looking warm for the start of Spring Rolls this semester. It was a brisk 40 degree low as everyone climbed out of bed for the first time since the winter hibernation. T-shirts were seen on many pushers while those with more stationary jobs were still forced to bundle up. Temps climbed to 50 degrees with the rising sun.

While it didn’t rain overnight the few orgs in attendance were treated to a sopping wet road surface. Speculation abounds about the cause; high pressure fronts, temperature differentials, sabotage by the shadow government, regardless rolls were delayed until 7:10 to give the streets some time to dry out.

In Attendance

Org Sunday
Apex Ember
CIA Icarus, Equinox, Tempest, Orca
Fringe Bissa, Bolt, Beacon
SDC Malice, Havoc, Bane, Vice
Spirit Inviscid, Kingpin, Mapambazuko

Observations (Sunday Gallery)
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Rolls Report: November 12 & 13 – MiniRaceday!!

Rolls this week were on the chilly side, topping out just above freezing both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday saw the bare minimum for quorum, which allowed Robobuggy to get in a couple extra rolls. The start of the weekend was more or less uneventful with some buggies getting up to 7 rolls. Very few alums were out and about and the most interesting thing of the day was a flock Canadian Geese that took over Flagstaff.

Sunday, continuing in its grand tradition, was MiniRaceday. Every participating org was out and rolling, save PhiDelt who is rumored to be focusing on their new build this semester. Teams were putting in a full effort to win amazing and wonderful prizes that have yet to be announced. Other than speeding buggies, Sunday was also fairly uneventful except for SigNu’s first roll. A stop flag was accidentally thrown at the Chute and Krait came to a full spinning stop. The driver was fine and was allowed to finish the loop.

Since everyone was doing their absolute best, we’ll just leave you with the official results from Sweepstakes and alumni-taken times for the weekend.

In Attendance 

Org Saturday Sunday
Apex  Phoenix  Phoenix
CIA  Equinox, Impulse  Icarus, Impulse, Equinox
Fringe Boson, Beacon, Bolt Boson, Bissa, Bolt
PiKA Cliodhna Cliodhna
SDC Malice, Havoc, Avarice, Bane, Vice  Malice, Bane, Avarice, Bane
SigEp  Kraken, Barracuda
SigNu  Krait
Spirit  Inviscid, Kingpin, Zuke, Seraph  Kingpin, Seraph, Zuke, Inviscid

Observations (Saturday Gallery Sunday Gallery )

MiniRaceday Winners:
1) SDC
2) CIA
3) Fringe

The top three teams are not too surprising considering the last few years of buggies. It is interesting that Spirit and PiKA were among the top 5 but not top 3. PiKA seemed to be lagging a bit on the back hills and the cold may have been sapping Spirit’s speed. Word is that SDC and CIA were heating wheels, which likely provided their edge.

Our fearless and well-insulated alumni were out on both Saturday and Sunday taking timing data using similar methods from last Spring.

Saturday Times

Team Buggy Freeroll Speed (mph) Chute Loss
PiKA 35.3 6
SDC Malice 36.1 6.6
SDC Bane 32.7
Fringe Red/Blue 33.5 6
Fringe Yellow/Black 32.4 5.8
CIA Equinox 35.9 6.1
CIA Impulse 32.5 4.6
Apex 19.9 5.6
Spirit Kingpin 34.7 6.9
Spirit Zuke 33.9 4.8
Spirit Inviscid 29.3 5.4
Fringe Red/Blue 33.5 5.5
Fringe Yellow/Black 32.2 5.2
CIA Impulse 34.1 6.8
Apex 26.7 4.8
Spirit Zuke 34.1 6.3
Spirit Stripes 34.8 7.1
Spirit Inviscid 30.2
PiKA 35.9 7.2
SDC Malice 35.9 6.6
SDC Bane 30.7 5.6
SDC Orange 29.9 5
SDC Green 28.9 5.1
Fringe Red/Blue
Fringe Yellow/Black
Fringe Gray/Orange
CIA Impulse 32.5 5.5
CIA Equinox 35.9 6.4
Apex 26.7 5.1
SDC Malice 35.9 7.2
SDC Bane 30.2 5.6
SDC Orange 30.5 5.6
SDC Green
Fringe Yellow/Black 32 5.2
Apex 21.3 4.6
Spirit Kingpin 34.1 6.3
Spirit Zuke 33.5 5.5
Spirit Inviscid 31
SDC Bane 34.5 7.9
SDC Orange 30.4 5.1

Sunday Times

Team Buggy Freeroll Speed (mph) Chute Loss
SigEp Kraken 28.7
SigEp Gray 28.3
SDC Bane 34.2 4.3
SDC Malice 31.2 3.8
SDC Orange 30.2 4.3
SDC Green 28.5 4.2
Fringe Red/Blue
CIA Equinox
CIA Impulse 32.2 3.5
CIA Icarus 29.3 3.1
SigNu Krait 32.4 4.7
Spirit Kingpin
Spirit Zuke 33.9 4.2
PiKA  Cliodhna 34.7 5.5
SigEp Kraken 28 3.9
SigEp Gray 27.5 3.9
SDC Malice 35.1 5
SDC Bane 31 3.3
SDC Orange 29.9 3.4
SDC Green 28.2 3.5
Fringe Red/Blue 33.9 4.2
Fringe Yellow/Black 33.3 4.8
CIA Equinox 35.5 4.1
CIA Impulse 32 3.8
CIA Icarus 29.3 3.1
Spirit Kingpin 34.1 5.4
Spirit Stripes 34.1 5.5
Spirit Inviscid 31.8 5.6
SigEp Kraken 26.7 4
SDC Malice 34.5 3.7
SDC Bane 29 3.7
SDC Orange 28.9 3.6
SDC Green 27.9 3.1
Fringe Red/Blue 35.1 4.3
Fringe Gray 33.1 3.4
Fringe Yellow/Black
CIA Equinox 34.2 4.2
CIA Impulse 33.1 3.7
CIA Icarus 29.9 2.9

The discrepancies between the fastest teams (Fringe, SDC, PiKA, Spirit, CIA) down the Freeroll seem to rather small, and can likely be leveled out by impressive Hill 1’s. However, PiKA and Spirit are losing significant speed through the Chute, which ultimately affects rollouts and the backhill times. The SDC and CIA drivers seem to have found their sweet spots when it comes to navigating the Chute and are bleeding off minimal speed. Fringe sits strongly in the middle of the leading pack, with speed Freerolls and solid Chute lines, but just can’t seem to edge out CIA and SDC.

Altogether it was a great weekend for rolls. This coming weekend will be the last possible day of rolls before it’s time for the buggies to go into hibernation in their cozy garages. Come out this weekend to get your last buggy fix before winter settles in.

Rolls Report Contributors:
Ben M.
Natalie M.
Shafeeq S.

Rolls Report: October 29 – Happy Halloween and Homecoming!

After a mid-semester break siesta, buggies were back and rolling this past Saturday. Sunday was preemptively canceled due to it being Halloween weekend. Sweepstakes figured the teams would be too exhausted from a late night of bobbing for apples and pumpkin carving. Yup, definitely that. It was also Scottie Saturday/Homecoming weekend, so the BAA had a table full of coffee and donuts. Of course, that was mostly devoured by the students. A veritable horde of recent SDC alums descended upon the course as well to cheer on the current members. It’s always great to see a strong showing of buggy alumni.

A few members of the BAA were testing out the new collaborative timing app, but there weren’t quite enough people to get it functional. The app relies on multiple users indicating when a buggy passes certain points on the course. Hopefully next week we’ll have enough people working with it for it to be operative. The more standard Speed Trap didn’t make it to rolls even though the teams were ready with reflective tape on their buggies in an attempt to increase accuracy. It should also be out and functional next weekend.

A missing radio club member caused rolls to start on the later side of the morning (~7:50am). When the backup arrived, buggies started rolling. It was a fairly smooth day that ended a bit earlier than usual. Interestingly, a hay bale was missing from the light post prior to the turn. Fortunately this wasn’t an issue.


In Attendance

Org Saturday
Apex Phoenix
CIA Icarus, Impulse, Equinox, Tempest, Orca
Fringe Bissa, Bolt, Boson
PiKA Raptor, Cliodhna
SAE Lucy
SDC Malice, Havoc, Bane, Vice
SigEp Kraken, Barracuda
Spirit Inviscid, King Pin

Observations (Saturday Gallery)
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