Spring Freerolls Starting – Stay Informed!

Spring Freerolls are starting up again. Here’s the best ways you can stay informed about what is happening:

  • Join us on our discord and you’ll see a few real time photos, as well as occasional discussion.
  • We expect to continue to post rolls reorts, either join our Discord to get notified by chat, or subscribe to baa-news to get them in your inbox.
  • If you’re in Pittsburgh, 2 more things just for you:
    • The buggy-watchers list is the best way to find out about times and cancellations, so you can attend to watch in person.
    • If you’re there, we’d love to hear your notes and observations, as well as share any photos you take. Doesn’t need to be super detailed — every little bit helps! Details at https://cmubuggy.org/rollsreporters.
  • Finally, we’d love to have a dedicated rolls reporter coordinator. You do not need to be local to do this! If you’re interested in helping compile notes and photos, get in touch on discord!

See you on the hills!

Grant Applications Close Tonight!

Tonight is your last chance to get your application in for a Spring 2024 Buggy Enhancement Grant! I will be online tonight if anyone has any last minute questions or issues getting their application in. As always, the easiest way to get in touch with any BAA Officer is through our Discord.

Submit your grant application here!

For more information about Buggy Enhancment Grants, including tips from the committee on how to strengthen your grant proposal, the actual text of previously approved grant applications, how to access shared resources funded by this program, and how you can support this program, please read All About Buggy Enhancement Grants!

The first committee review is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 5. Applicants should expect to receive the initial questions and feedback from the committee by Monday evening. Please respond to the committee’s questions by Sunday evening, Feb 11, at the latest. We expect the final review to be scheduled for Monday, Feb 12, with the final funding decisions to be sent out that evening.

Last Call for Buggy Enhancement Grants

Apply here! https://cmubuggy.org/2024springgrant

There are 10 days left to apply for a Buggy Enhancement Grant for Spring 2024! Applications are open until the end of January. Don’t wait, get your application in today!

If you are looking for inspiration, for your grant proposal, you can view previously approved grant applications here. For your one stop shop to learn everything there is to know about Buggy Enhancement Grants including tips from the committee on how to strengthen your grant proposal, please read All About Buggy Enhancement Grants!

Apply here! https://cmubuggy.org/2024springgrant

Spring 2024 Buggy Enhancement Grants Open!

Apply Here:

Applications for our Spring 2024 Buggy Enhancement Grant campaign are now open! If you consider yourself a member of the Buggy Community, and you have ideas that could enhance your Buggy experience, please apply!

Submissions are due by the end of January, and will be reviewed by the Buggy Endowed Fund Committee in the first week of February. Applicants will have 1 week to respond to committee feedback before the final vote.

Last semester, the number of student submitted applications doubled, and $4,620 was awarded to 9 different projects representing 7 different organizations!

For more details on the program, a summary of previously approved grants, and tips from the committee on how to write a stellar grant application, please read All About Buggy Enhancement Grants.

If you would like to support this program, please consider donating to the Buggy Endowed Fund. Your gift will help perpetually fund this grant program and keep the buggy hype rolling for generations to come! A donation of at least $1000 to the endowment is recognized on our placard in the University Center and with a lifetime membership to the Buggy Alumni Association. There is no shortage of excellent project proposals coming from the community, so please consider supporting this program. Join us Now!

December Newsletter and Membership Contact Updates

Happy New Years Eve buggy fans!

We sent out our fall semester wrap-up news letter this past week to our RD24 and RD23 members. Please note that just because you received this newsletter doesn’t mean you have a membership for this upcoming raceday. There is no better time than the present to renew, and make sure you get our members-only newsletter and raceday preview leading up to Carnival!

If you believe you should have received this newsletter but didn’t, it’s possible that we have an out-of-date email address on your membership. Please use our new Membership Update Form to let us know!

You can also use this form to request a change in the name displayed on our public membership list, to let us know if you no longer want to receive BAA emails, and to notify us of new or renewed memberships (particularly if you are donating in the few weeks prior to raceday, to make sure there are no delays in getting on our list). For easy reference, this form will be linked on our Membership page.

BAA Newsletter Alumni Spotlight Nominations

As we are working to compile content for our December 2023 BAA membership newsletter, we’re hoping to do a brief spotlight on a few our of alumni.

Fill out this form to nominate an alumni for their ongoing involvement with buggy, their professional accomplishments, life milestones, interesting hobbies, or really anything that you think would be of interest to the BAA community! Nominations will close this Sunday, 12/10.

Giving Day 2023!

Giving CMU day is here and there is no better day to support your favorite sport. This year the BAA has been supporting multiple new and refounding organizations, exploring options for enhanced safety in the sport and investing in a timing and data system that can be utilized by each organization during rolls and by broadcast during raceday.

CMU will be matching donations throughout the day which can allow us to invest even more in these initiatives and further uplift raceday events.

Here’s our official Giving Day donation link: https://givingcmuday.cmu.edu/campaigns/uni-buggy-alumni-association

Additionally your donations will count towards your membership for this year if they exceed $20. Learn more on our membership page.

BAA News, Now direct to your Inbox!

Based on the results of our user survey earlier this year, we found that one of the most popular ways people would like to hear about BAA news is directly into their inbox. We’re pleased to announce that this is once again possible — in a way that you can control yourself via Google Groups.

News posts should now be automatically forwarding to both the new mailing list as well as our Discord.

If this sounds like something you might want, head over to https://groups.google.com/g/baa-news to sign up.

Web Site Redesign Interviews

One of the things the BAA has been thinking about for a while is how we can make the web site more useful to all of its various users. While we’ve done a lot of improvements over the last few years, we’ve also been thinking about what a larger overhaul might look like.

To do this, we’re planning a partnership with current students in the IS class 67-240, Mobile Web Design & Development. We’ll be working with several teams of students to come up with ideas for what a redesign might look like. To that end, the students will need to work with current or potential users of the site to understand their needs better, through interviews.

So, we’d like to gather a variety of people — current alums, current students, and others with an interest in Buggy to help give them feedback. If this sounds like something that might be interesting to you, please sign up at the form below. We might not contact everyone, but having a variety of volunteers is important to us.

Sign up here: https://cmubuggy.org/2023designvolunteer

Thank you!

Fall 23 Endowment Grant Update

We received 15 applications for this round of Buggy Enhancement Grants!!! The committee will meet this Friday to review all of the proposals and submit feedback to each applicant. Applicants will have 1 week to respond to the committee’s feedback before the final vote.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We are so excited to see all of your ideas! Thank you to all of our Golden Goose lifetime members for making this possible!