Let’s Race! BAA Friday Carnival Events

Preliminary Races

7:30am – 12:30pm on the buggy course | Stream live on cmutv.org or listen on wrct.org

By the time you read this, the races have likely already begun SO GET TO THE COURSE ALREADY, or if you’re not in pittsburgh, check out the live stream put on by cmuTV! We have 10 women’s heats and 12 men’s for this year’s races with 25 and 27 entries respectively. It may be a bit chilly, but these races will be hot.

Buggy Books will be available at the BAA tent by the Finish Line for purchase or Pre-order pickup.

Lead Truck Auction winners MUST check in at the BAA tent with a signed waiver at least 1 full heat before your designated race.


History of Buggy with focus on ’68 and ’93 with Tom Wood

1:30pm in Danforth Conference Room in the CUC

Our regular can’t miss event is back as Tom Wood shares a history of buggy focused on the class of ‘93 and ’68. There will be plenty of show and tell with buggies, slides, wheels, and photos of the days of old with insight into the changing landscape of the competition.


Buggy Meetup and Finals Lead Truck Auction

7:30pm at Hough’s Taproom in Greenfield – 563 Greenfield Ave.

For the first time ever, bid live on the finals heats’ lead truck rides after the heats have been decided, and stick around to share your Raceday experiences at Hough’s taproom, the original bar with a buggy! Light hors d’oeuvres provided courtesy of the BAA.

It Begins! – BAA Thursday Carnival Events

Buggy Showcase and Alumni Panel

Showcase: 12-2pm in Wiegand Gym | Panel begins at 12:30

Come on over to the UC gymnasium and check out all the buggies that will be competing on raceday up close and personal as well as vote on your favorite for Peoples choice! While you’re there, stick around for what will be a fantastic alumni panel where our group of panelists will recount their favorite Buggy Myths and Legends moderated by our own VP, Jeremy Tuttle. On stage we will have:

  • Conrad Zapanta – CIA ’91
  • Adam McCue – KDR ’07 & Sweepstakes
  • Hayley Dalzell – Robobuggy ’15 & Sweepstakes
  • Aiton Goldman – CIA ’98
  • Connor Hayes – Apex ’19

Buggy books will be available at the sweepstakes Swag table for Purchase or pre-order Pickup.

Welcome Back Happy Hour

7:30pm at Fuel and Fuddle – 212 Oakland Ave

If you’ve made it back to Pittsburgh, join us at the second bar with a buggy to recount past years, share your predictions and just generally get ready for the Prelim races on Friday! We will be in the basement of the restaurant.

WRCT Broadcast Tonight at 7pm + Auction Closing at 11pm EST


Tune in tonight at 7pm EST for a half hour of buggy talk and predictions with some local alums and students moderated by our long-time commentator Will Weiner! On the air we will have:

  • Michelle Mirabella – Original driver of Malice for SDC and former course record holder, graduated 2010 and has returned to CMU as a staff member.
  • Hunter Rideout – Current President and former Head Mechanic for Fringe.
  • Ethan Gladding – Assisted with the transition from Pioneers to Apex, and current W3VC radio support for Rolls and regular Rolls Report contributor/writer.

You can find the broadcast on air at 88.3 FM or stream it online from www.wrct.org! We will also be answering questions from you live on air, so be sure to send us any questions via comments to this post, our Facebook page, or our Twitter.


After what will be a great conversation, there will only be 3.5 hours left in our Lead Truck Auction, so get your bids in while you can!


Check your Membership Status + CompuBookie 2018

BAA Membership Roster

The preview is getting it’s final polish and we’re about ready to send it out, BUT before we do, here’s your chance to check and make sure that you’ve made your donation to the BAA and should be expecting the preview in the first round of distributions. We’re working on fixing up the site and the roster section is on the list, but for now use the link below.


If you’re not on the list and want think you should be, or want to fix your mistake of not donating, send your receipt email from CMU showing your donation and designation to join@cmubuggy.org and we’ll get you added. After you’ve got your membership sorted out, take a gander at this year’s auction where we’ve nearly passed the 50% mark with more than a day remaining!

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2018 Preliminary Lead Truck Auction is LIVE + Finals Auction Information


The BAA is once again holding our lead truck auction this year, and the auction for the Preliminary Heats is now LIVE, and closes at 11:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, April 18! You can start bidding here.  It’s the one chance you (or a buggy fanatic in your life) have of being right in the middle of the action on Raceday. You’ll sit in the back of the lead truck for whatever race(s) you can win!

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Rolls are done and #GivingCMUDay

The Final weekend got rained/snowed out so there will be no more rolls until spring. Check out the last rolls report for current standings and speed data that we were able to collect.

We hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving with friends and family! With the various holidays coming up, we would like to remind you all about this coming GivingTuesday on Nov. 28th.

If you are looking for a way to give your group an extra boost, check out the student organization challenge that will be running throughout the Tuesday activities.

Happy Holidays and see you all in the spring!

Let’s Vote in a new Treasurer!

After almost half a year without a Treasurer, it’s about time we vote one in and complete our team as we start looking ahead to the spring semester.

Thanks to the nominations from our last vote, Bryan Arsham, AEPi Alum from 2010 2008 and new Broadcaster as of last year, has offered tohelp us out. So now it’s our responsibility to show our confidence in his abilities and confirm his nomination.

Please comment below with you vote for or against his confirmation, and feel free to include any questions for him if you have any. Voting period through Monday Nov. 20th.


Mini-Raceday Results will be coming out with the rolls report later this week!

50th Anniversary at CMU Homecoming & By-Laws Amendments

Homecoming Buggy Events

As Natalie mentioned in the last Rolls Report, Spirit Buggy Founder Matt Wagner will be returning to give his “Everything I learned, I learned from Buggy” Talk and we will also be bringing out the doughnuts and coffee for Saturday morning if it’s not too cold. So come by and say Hi!

Coffee & Doughnuts Tent

7:00 am @ Corner of Tech and Frew

Alternate (in case of cancellation): 9:00am @ Danforth Conference Room, CUC

Everything I learned, I learned from Buggy

9:30am @ Danforth Conference Room, CUC


By-Laws Amendments & Other updates

With the Rules Committee meetings well underway, teams are starting to get a chance to vote on some of the various changes with planned implementation slated for next semester for various procedural adjustments. So far, the Rules Committee has been starting off light making minor corrections to outdated rules and formalizing some of the existing practices. Here is a list of many of the new rules or adjustments that have been discussed and/or voted on:

  • Autonomous Buggy – Robobuggy has officially been added to the regular roll order by a unanimous vote of the chairmen and will be working on new sections and definitions to help define their place in the sport for the years to come.
  • Drop Test – The chairmen have voted to include a minor revision requiring each buggy/driver combination to be tested each morning that combination intends to roll.
  • Speed Restrictions for New Drivers – Something that has already been in practice for the last several years, Sweepstakes will be formalizing their first roll speed limits.
    • Veteran Drivers would be required to be speed limited for their first (1) roll of each semester.
    • New Drivers would be required to be speed limited for their first 3 or 4 rolls (TBD).
    • Once New Drivers reach their carry-over limit (8 for fall) they would be considered “experienced” and would only require a single speed limited roll for the following term.
  • Optional Follow Car – During Freeroll practices, teams would have the option to forgo their follow car and instead have a member of their team with an extraction kit remain with sweepstakes at the top of the hill and ride with the safety chair in the event of an incident. The chairmen voted to approve this amendment and will begin implementation starting this spring.

Mini Raceday

Teams will be competing in mini-raceday this Saturday for one of 4 top spots. Awards will be given to the top times for Men’s and Women’s, Freeroll and Backhill times. In the event that rolls are cancelled Saturday, Sunday is the fall-back plan.

Rolls Report: Oct. 28 – Happy Halloween!

Thanks to rain and Halloween shenanigans, teams only rolled for one hour this weekend. Saturday was designated the official evening to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, so Sweepstakes polled the chairmen and canceled Sunday rolls due to a projected low turn out (and high hangover rate). Unfortunately around 8:30am, Pittsburgh decided it was truly fall and it started to rain. Rolls were immediately called and the course was cleaned up for the weekend.

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