Don’t Miss Your 2024 Raceday Preview!

Less than 1 week until raceday, which means that we at the BAA are busy preparing your Raceday Preview for RD 2024.

In order to make sure you recieve the 2024 Raceday Preview, as well as all other BAA communications in the leadup to raceday, we wanted to push a few gentle reminders:

  • Check to see if you’re on our member list.
  • If you have already renewed your membership but are not getting our BAA Membership newsletters (most recently, our Winter newsletter on Dec 27), it’s possible that we have an out-of-date email address on file. Please use our Membership Update Form to let us know, and we will get this corrected.
  • If you haven’t already re-upped your BAA membership for 2024– now is as good a time as any! If you are renewing within the couple of weeks before raceday, please also use our Membership Update Form to let us know, so that we can get you on our membership list ASAP.

Other things you can do to satisfy your Raceday prepper needs:

  • Sign up to volunteer. We could always use more help to make raceday successful.
  • Join our discord to talk about the race with your fellow fans. Alumni, students, and all other buggy fans are welcome!
  • Check out our Podcast. Season 5 of CTS has some amazing episodes covering topics from the new Sweepstakes advisor, to how the video broadcast got its start in the early 00s.

December Newsletter and Membership Contact Updates

Happy New Years Eve buggy fans!

We sent out our fall semester wrap-up news letter this past week to our RD24 and RD23 members. Please note that just because you received this newsletter doesn’t mean you have a membership for this upcoming raceday. There is no better time than the present to renew, and make sure you get our members-only newsletter and raceday preview leading up to Carnival!

If you believe you should have received this newsletter but didn’t, it’s possible that we have an out-of-date email address on your membership. Please use our new Membership Update Form to let us know!

You can also use this form to request a change in the name displayed on our public membership list, to let us know if you no longer want to receive BAA emails, and to notify us of new or renewed memberships (particularly if you are donating in the few weeks prior to raceday, to make sure there are no delays in getting on our list). For easy reference, this form will be linked on our Membership page.

BAA Newsletter Alumni Spotlight Nominations

As we are working to compile content for our December 2023 BAA membership newsletter, we’re hoping to do a brief spotlight on a few our of alumni.

Fill out this form to nominate an alumni for their ongoing involvement with buggy, their professional accomplishments, life milestones, interesting hobbies, or really anything that you think would be of interest to the BAA community! Nominations will close this Sunday, 12/10.