Raceday Rewatch 2001

Over the past year, the BAA’s History Committee has been working on some exciting projects, and today we’re ready to announce the first of those – Raceday Rewatch 2001, coming on July 14, 2024 at 3pm ET on our YouTube channel!

For those of you who were following along back in COVID times (2020), once we got into the cmuTV era of races (and once the world shut down), the 100 Years of Buggy History series included not just a write-up of the races, but also a Raceday Rewatch, with buggy folks getting together to re-watch all the races for the year and talk about everything that went on (and other buggy stuff as well). Well, we’re bringing it back again in Summer 2024 for a one-off special: Raceday 2001.

Last year, Broadcast Committee Chair Matt Gallabrese uncovered some old VHS tapes tucked away in the cmuTV vault, and we’ve spent the last year digitizing that footage and cutting it all together. Now the day to release it is finally here. Featuring 29 heats, 18 interviews, and 10 packages broadcast over two rain-soaked days, most of this footage has not been seen since 2001 (and some of it probably hasn’t been seen ever).

We’ll be live streaming the Raceday Rewatch on our YouTube Channel on Sunday, July 14 at 3pm ET, where we’ll not only be watching the heats and chatting about what we see, but hopefully we’ll be joined on the Livestream by some folks who were actually there on Raceday 2001, whether in a buggy, a truck, or the crowd. We’ll even throw some trivia questions out to the masses to see how well you know/remember Raceday 2001.

All of the heats, interviews, and packages will be going live on our YouTube channel the week of July 15, so the Raceday Rewatch is your chance to see it all early, together with your fellow Buggy enthusiasts. So make sure you save the date! And if you were around in 2001 and you’re interested in joining us to talk about Raceday and share some stories, reach out to bryan.arsham@cmubuggy.org.

  • What: Raceday Rewatch 2001
  • When: Sunday, July 14 at 3pm ET
  • Where: https://youtube.com/live/Ia-648dKbeY
  • Who: Hosted by BAA Archivist Bryan Arsham, with (hopefully) some special guests along the way.

Featuring full videos of all 29 heats on both Friday and Saturday, including:

  • Lead Truck Footage
  • Follow Truck Footage
  • Footage from 6 Static Cameras around the course
  • cmuTV commentary from Sola Fasehun and Roger Ma
  • cmuTV interviews from on-scene reporters Steph and Patty

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