It’s a short rolls report this week, and it’s not because we didn’t have people out there (though you should still help us out by signing up to take notes/photos). Saturday’s rolls were cancelled early in the week due to a lack of quorum. But Sunday was still on, and with decent weather things were looking up…Until Sweepstakes got to the course. It didn’t take long before they discovered an Excavator parked on the shoulder of Schenley Drive just past Westinghouse Pond. Even worse, it was parked on the Flagstaff side of the road, leaving the construction equipment directly in the line of the drivers. Particularly with some new drivers out at rolls, the placement of the equipment was considered to be far too great a risk to buggies and drivers. Therefore, Sweepstakes was left with no choice but to cancel rolls.

The BAA History Committee will neither confirm nor deny that it is following up on a tip it received on the whereabouts of DU’s King Eider.

A few upcoming reminders to close this report out:

  • There are no Rolls for the next 2 weekends, as we’re coming up on CMU’s Fall Break. But stick around, as we should be back before Halloween (we’ll see if any teams dress up their buggies this year).
  • Next weekend may not have Rolls, but it’s Family Weekend at CMU (why they scheduled Family Weekend during the Fall Break is a good question, but neither the BAA nor Sweepstakes had anything to do with it). If you’re on campus, make sure to check out Tom Wood’s History of Buggy Presentation – Family Edition, at Noon on Saturday, October 14 in Connan Room – CUC.
  • Mini-Raceday is currently scheduled for the weekend of November 4-5, and we’ll need LOTS of help, especially when it comes to timing. If you’re in Pittsburgh or considering going back for that weekend, please let us know.
  • CMU Homecoming is the weekend of November 11-12, and there should be Rolls. If you’ll be back that weekend, make sure to come out and join us!
  • Last but not least, if you’ve submitted a BAA Endowed Fund Grant Proposal, reminder that your feedback responses are due this week!

2 thoughts on “Rolls? Report: October 8 – Digging Up The Truth”

  • Kids these days…No parking means no Parking…just saying, back in the day, vehicles that didn’t comply where bounced out of the way or off the road. This always much joy for the student masses, campus security, and usually Anne! So the students didn’t try to move this one? Clearly I post in jest but someone will take offense as usual

    • We bounced a car out of the street in 2013, and a particularly buff chairman was very upset that he was not invited to do “The one thing in buggy he was training his whole life for”

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