Members of the Buggy Alumni Association board are elected to 2 year terms by the rest of the BAA community. Ideally, the terms are staggered so that 2 positions are elected each year.

Current Leaders

Connor Hayes
Assistant Chairman
Willy Clark
Reporting Officer
Tishya Girdhar
Communications Chair
Linna Griffin
Bryan Arsham
Madison Scott
Katelyn Smith
Secretary & Podcast Producer
Rachael Schmitt

More super important people

Pikabuggy Creator & Founding Webmaster
Sam Swift
Chairman 2008-2010
Carsen Kline
Assistant Chairman 2008-2010
Aiton Goldman
Advisor / Historian
Tom Wood
Enthusiasm / Web
Adam McCue
Productive enthusiasm
Abby Sullivan
Chairman 2015-2019 & Centennial Chair
Ben Matzke

Of course when it comes to people, it’s really all about the supporting members who are listed in the membership section.