This Website was first launched in October of 2008. The majority of the original code and design were by Sam Swift ( Adam McCue and Scott Ziolko helped considerably with data structure and population of the history section. Refinements were made in an un-managed and as-needed basis for 2+ years.

The first major overhaul of the site was “completed” just in time for raceday 2011. This version of the site was committed to a github repository in the summer of 2011 to allow greater community involvement in coding the site. Please, if you’re reading this, do not hesitate to get involved.

The github issue tracker is also the best place to point out bugs and suggest improvements or new features.

The site is built around a number of 3rd party platforms and tools. They are all free, open-source php projects and each has been super useful in making this website as useful as it is to buggy fans so they deserve some recognition: