cape test location

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cape test location

Postby revo » Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:40 pm

Capes used to occur on the sidewalk that runs from between baker & hunt towards doherty/the fence (in between CFA lawn and "the mall"). We stopped using that location because the sidewalk was in such terrible shape that it wasn't kind to the drivers.

I noticed it has been fixed and is again a nice wide sidewalk with lots of grass on either side, plus it doesn't head straight towards the side of a building. Additionally it is often a lower foot traffic area than the sidewalk right outside Purnell/Warner.

Still highly visible for people to see buggy happening on campus, but fewer people to try to stop from walking in your way etc.

Anyhow, in my opinion it is a better cape test location and since none of the current students ever did cape tests over there, figured I'd put it out there as a possible location to use/return to while it was on my mind.

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