Fringe's Leroy with windshield


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  • Phil_Columbus on 2011-Apr-18 13:15:34 Phil_Columbus said

    The buggy on the left is the ATO B buggy from 1970. I was the driver. Can't remember who the hill 1 pusher was.
  • Richard Miller on 2019-Mar-01 21:42:02 Richard Miller said

    The buggy on the right is the first Fringe buggy ever. Fringe at the time included many Fine Arts students. I was a freshman Architect and the pusher on hill 1. I don’t remember the Driver’s name but he was about to graduate with a low draft lottery number and had lost a lot of weight in an attempt to get below the minimum weight requirement. To add to the effect, he had stopped bathing nd with his crash helmet and leather jacket, I thought he looked like a human fly.

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