83 buttress behind zoo and pika


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  • lemuroid on 2009-Jul-17 04:31:41 lemuroid said

    Pollad was quick
    Alan Pollard pushing esp on hill 2 for the zoo. Our best b team hill 2 ever. We were rich with pushers in those years. Would have been a team if he were at cmu at any time over the past 20 years. Note the significant lead form lane 3.
  • ds1038hill2b on 2009-Aug-10 21:08:37 ds1038hill2b said

    Yep, that's me..... 26 yrs ago..... seems like yesterday.
    Lemuroid, thanks for the kind words. I loved hill 2 and the feel of pushing that buggy off as hard as I could to get the free roll started was a great adrenalin rush. Sometimes it resulted in some road rash, but it was all worth it........ Sigma Nu B winning 4th place the year before was great! Almost as good as Sigma Nu A finishing first!!!!!!!!!!!! esp

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