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Fringe's Bumpzoid in 1983

Fringe's Bumpzoid in 1983


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  • Carsen Kline on 2009-Apr-06 17:30:54 Carsen Kline said

    Compare to http://www.fringe.org/Pics/main.php?g2_itemId=42

    Could this be Bumpzoid in 83, maybe the only photo of it?
  • Carsen Kline on 2009-Apr-06 22:04:08 Carsen Kline said

    Bumpzoid confirmed!
    From R. Scott Durbin: "Wow! That is a photo of BumpZoid. 1983, rolled a team but was slower than buttress. The two had very similar overall times. Still way better than recent Fringe times. It had no brakes. Just put your foot on the wheel. It's running BETA aluminum wheels. It weighed too much, 39 lbs if I remember correctly. I don't remember where we got the rubber from. It was either our own junk or BETA leftovers. Gomer and Hollywood gave me a lot of help, to this day I'm not sure why. I didn't ask questions. Gomer has to be the biggest driver ever caped tested, he tried out Leroy."

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