design comp 88 with Tygr


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  • Carsen Kline on 2009-Apr-27 21:55:38 Carsen Kline said

    That's Tygr in the back. It had a leaning rear axle that I'm pretty sure caused it to spin during the race.

    The butter yellow reverse trike is Barrier, a buggy that held its own against Spirit A in '89 and got a 2:14. Not sure why they replaced it with the standard trike in 1990. Maybe 'cause it weighed 70 lb.

    That lean green machine is Lunatic. It was the official Fringe beer cooler of 2009.
  • John on 2017-Apr-20 12:09:25 John said

    Looks like Greg McShea 'guarding' the buggies. I don't remember Tiggr spinning, but I do remember that we didn't get the wheels to straighten back up on Hill 3 (and 4... and 5...)

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