PiLam's Legend buggy 1984 places 2nd in design competition


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  • lemuroid on 2010-Apr-02 15:34:00 lemuroid said

    Legend looked so much better hanging from hammerschlag
  • the cook on 2010-Apr-02 16:21:02 the cook said

    Note the plastic Z Glass wheels - still used in Derby today. Unfortunately these wheels lacked any strength against side loads, and would explode into two halves the chute, with the little rubber band rolling off after being liberated.

    After watching this happen 1000x, the powers that be finally banned them, which I believe is still in the rule book.

    This along with Phikap flipping and/or blowing up another really good tire, where the "not again!" free roll events of 83-84-85
  • Phil Glick on 2011-Apr-12 15:40:49 Phil Glick said

    In 1984, Legend looked so much better next to her 2nd place design trophy.
  • TommyK on 2011-Apr-12 17:37:22 TommyK said

    Is there any video of the Z-Glass failures?
  • lemuroid on 2011-Apr-12 17:45:18 lemuroid said

    back then we only had clay tablets and pointy sticks.

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