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  • lemuroid on 2010-Oct-24 00:05:27 lemuroid said

    old school
  • dennis on 2010-Oct-24 01:53:13 dennis said

    Is that predator?
  • Sam Swift on 2010-Oct-25 16:04:20 Sam Swift said

    It's Desperado from 1990, 2 years after Predator.
  • the cook on 2010-Oct-25 22:39:30 the cook said

    the front is lower than it ever was before... smaller wheel perhaps?
  • lemuroid on 2010-Oct-26 14:30:23 lemuroid said

    like this one?
  • abordick on 2010-Oct-27 16:46:49 abordick said

    I don't know about you, but for me, things start to sag with age. That buggy is older than the kids pushing it.
  • DAConley on 2019-Apr-04 23:56:54 DAConley said

    I gave her back to the kids to play with when they lost their way....she's doing her best Jerboa impersonation here. It wasn't a buggy problem...it was a mechanic problem.

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