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  • Paul on 2011-Apr-19 23:49:08 Paul said

    Jerry you are not a driver, Zatch you are no longer a driver.
  • Zatchmo on 2011-Apr-20 00:30:56 Zatchmo said

    Stealth is very non-disciminatory. Working hard to bring it back to the course!
  • Aileen on 2011-Apr-20 02:04:15 Aileen said


    Seriously, please tell me people aren't considering bringing Stealth back.
  • Jerry on 2011-Apr-20 04:15:08 Jerry said

    Don't worry, Aileen, no one is bringing Stealth back. We don't even have wheels for him anymore. Besides, if we really needed to un-retire a buggy, Conquest would be there. As glorious as it would be to give Stealth one last roll, his days are firmly past.
  • shafeeq on 2011-Apr-20 14:38:18 shafeeq said

    The buggy & wheels are in my basement right now. I was debating putting them back together since I sure as hell am not carrying it to Aiton's. Hmm, it is all downhill ...
  • Zatchmo on 2011-Apr-20 16:16:53 Zatchmo said

    There are 8 states in between us and Alex. Someone find me some rubber strips, let's do this!

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