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  • Zatchmo on 2014-Apr-08 21:38:15 Zatchmo said

    Several alumni informed me of this as soon as it was posted, thankfully. I went over with the two lovely drivers (Emily Ostrin and Asia Wolf) you see here, left my car in the fraternity parking lot, and walked the buggy back home to my basement. Managed to have it home and safe within a few minutes. One guy actually had the nerve to get in touch with me later that I had rightfully stolen it. Another tried to suggest I should donate it to Hillel in AEPi's name. Aether, the following build, still hasn't been seen since, probably dumpstered or destroyed in a more private fashion.

    Camo then served a brief stint giving Apex something to push while they built their own (far better) buggy.

    See you all at Design Comp, alongside Limo and Volos! We will be offering Limo rides again! :D
  • Zatchmo on 2014-Apr-08 21:42:25 Zatchmo said

    Heh, reminds me now that an ill-advised and heavily intoxicated Spirit mechanic also tried to steal it during a house party some time the next year, but thankfully didn't make it all the way home with it before a good number of angry drunks caught up with him around New House/Stever.

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