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  • rlbrowne on 2012-Apr-15 17:58:44 rlbrowne said

    Gogo driver hill 1!
  • Ben Matzke on 2012-Apr-16 04:26:32 Ben Matzke said

    is there a buggy involved? I can't see one... Looks just like drivers running up the hill...
  • Jerry on 2012-Apr-16 05:07:01 Jerry said

    SDC's Hill 1's had a race in the extensive wait for the hill to dry off. Jillian and Emily decided to race (halfway) to blow off some excess energy. Emily squeaked out a victory!

    Also, this would be a poster-worthy shot if SOME CIA CHAIRMAN weren't right in the middle of it.
  • jbrinberg on 2012-Apr-16 05:11:13 jbrinberg said

    "Squeaked out a victory"?

    No, no. She creamed me. Running is not my forte ;)
  • Ben Matzke on 2012-Apr-16 05:20:00 Ben Matzke said

    oh, I thought she literally squeaked when she yelled "VICTORY" cause that's something emo would do being so small and what now.

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