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  • aepibuggy on 2012-Apr-15 15:39:33 aepibuggy said

    A bag on Sunday of truck weekend?
  • Sam Swift on 2012-Apr-15 16:00:21 Sam Swift said

    I'm pretty sure the bag was because they were doing a pass test trying to get Zephyrus qualified. I agree though, bags on truck weekend are distasteful
  • aepibuggy on 2012-Apr-15 16:12:17 aepibuggy said

    That was my first thought, but then I didn't see Zephyrus in any photos from today. That, plus not seeing photos of Zephyrus yesterday, Zephyrus not being out last week, it still needing 6 rolls, and the Zero Error wheels on Kamikaze as opposed to slower wheels, all made me think that something else was going on.
  • the cook on 2012-Apr-15 17:08:42 the cook said

    given the amount of moisture on the track I wouldn't blame anyone for running a bag
    urethane does not appreciate water, not even a little bit
    when everyone used rubber tires this amount of wetness mattered only a little.

    I remember a sodden raceday early in the xootr era where all three buggies in the first heat spun, at which point the chairman reconsidered.
  • Jake Reid on 2012-Apr-15 18:46:42 Jake Reid said

    It was a pass test.
  • Zatchmo on 2012-Apr-15 20:53:43 Zatchmo said

    Which only leaves the question of 'Why?'
  • Jake Reid on 2012-Apr-16 03:16:13 Jake Reid said

    That way we get to roll the buggy on raceday. They don't let you do that if you don't do a pass test.
  • Jerry on 2012-Apr-16 05:13:44 Jerry said

    What I'm curious about is why some ZE's (AEPi, PiKA) have five spokes while others (Fringe, SDC?) have four. It seems like the weight difference would be almost negligible for the increase in strength?
  • chayes on 2012-Apr-16 06:29:12 chayes said

    Just cuz they look like zero errors does not mean they are?
  • Ben Matzke on 2012-Apr-16 06:33:41 Ben Matzke said

    generally, yes
  • Jaime on 2012-Apr-16 20:12:45 Jaime said

    Also, because Zero Error says so themselves.
  • the cook on 2012-Apr-16 20:58:25 the cook said

    the earliest ZE wheels were all four spoke. Not sure if they have made more 4 spoke wheels since then. The 5 spoke are considerably stronger, and weigh more.

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