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  • mccue on 2012-Apr-23 15:48:05 mccue said

    whoa, what's that rear wheel?
  • Jake Reid on 2012-Apr-23 16:39:28 Jake Reid said

    Some of the older Xootrs have clear compound. They're better wheels than the black ones in my experience.
  • Jerry on 2012-Apr-23 16:40:14 Jerry said

    Apparently transparent yellow xootrs were produced at some point, with their own unique set of properties.
  • shafeeq on 2012-Apr-23 16:59:13 shafeeq said

    Xootr originally sold both black & clear wheels. The clear was cheaper and I don't recall anybody racing on them except for KKG & maybe AEPi. I don't know why they'd start with what the manufacturer claimed was an inferior wheel, but maybe they knew something the rest didn't...
  • mccue on 2012-Apr-23 20:05:09 mccue said

    Haha yes guys, I know that Xootr produced clear wheels. I've been doing this for a couple weeks now.

    Jake, you must have compared the original clear ones to the reformulated garbage black ones. The original black ones ("ultras") were originally marketed as having 10% lower rolling resistance (a conservative estimate), but then they were offshored or something and became terrible at the same time that the clears were discontinued.

    My questions are:
    1. Where did they even find a single clear wheel? They haven't been made or sold for something like 6 years.
    2. Why are they mixing wheel types? That's weird. You would assume one would be slower, so why use that one?
  • Carl Nott on 2012-Apr-23 22:34:49 Carl Nott said

    If I understand it correctly Xootr was sending orders to their wheel guys 'back in the day' and the orders went something like:
    'We need 100 wheels.'
    'We need 1000 wheels!'
    'We need 10000 wheels!!!'

    I believe their 'good' stockpile was all from the original wheel folks and the new/crappy ones are from a new source.

    That being said I can see some benefit to having a slower wheel in the back. I think. Heh.
  • the Pope on 2012-Apr-24 00:56:14 the Pope said

    makes sense if you have less than 3 of the fastest wheels on hand. if you only had 2 or 1 fast wheel you would still use it and the result would look like this.
  • shafeeq on 2012-Apr-24 01:06:04 shafeeq said

    Heh. You mean you guys didn't give it to them with Perun as a joke?
    Maybe they thought it was their faster wheel, but only had one of it, and figured "might as well put it on the buggy rather than leave in the garage?" Or they just flatspotted all their black ones?

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