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  • ms01814 on 2012-Apr-22 05:49:27 ms01814 said

    Deja Vu. From the Lead Truck.
  • Zatchmo on 2012-Apr-22 15:36:46 Zatchmo said

    Not even Deja Vu at this point, it might be a plan. A bad plan, but a plan even so.
  • CRStengel on 2012-Apr-22 18:13:09 CRStengel said

    Great pic...I always said that if you end up standing after the shove, you were selfish with the energy it took to stay standing.
  • The Pope on 2012-Apr-22 19:34:59 The Pope said

    A plan. An even worse plan when your hill one tries to join the fun and gets your team dqed as a result.
  • BuggyLover on 2012-Apr-22 20:21:53 BuggyLover said wasn't a plan, the hill 1 tripped over his own feet. And the hill 2 puts his all into his pushes. Big deal......

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