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  • felmley on 2012-Apr-23 20:20:28 felmley said

    there has been some rumors that Chrysler "required in their contract" the chalk drawing there. for the record, from speaking directly to the Chrysler folks, CMU offered the chalk drawing service, and offered them that spot. when it became a concern, Chrysler had no problem with allowing most, or even all of it, to be blown off.

    no one intended anyone's brakes to get fouled.
  • shafeeq on 2012-Apr-23 22:26:29 shafeeq said

    Nice to see that an area that is not actually part of the race received more sweeping attention than chute, where you might actually want to be gripping pavement instead of gravel. A brake system that can be fouled by chalk dust deserves to fail.

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