Raceday 2018
April 20-21

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  • chayes on 2016-Apr-10 13:43:57 chayes said

    Big wheel in back, wagon steering axle under the buggy, pizza bagels, backwards rake. Welcome to the future of buggy design
  • Connnnnnnners Mom on 2016-Apr-11 19:33:02 Connnnnnnners Mom said

    It is OK. Might look better with some sanding and some paint. But the duct tape is +10.

    Interior axles are so last year. Can't run the pizza bites on them.
  • chayes on 2016-Apr-11 22:42:10 chayes said

    can't we just stick with "Connor you know nothing"?
  • Carl Nott on 2016-Apr-12 00:26:14 Carl Nott said

    I'mma little drunk (yes, on a Monday and yes, I'm 40, fuck you) but what buggy is this?
  • the Pope on 2016-Apr-12 01:33:40 the Pope said

    The question is not what buggy this is. The question is why
  • SigEp on 2016-Apr-12 09:40:57 SigEp said

    She's the best we could do this year, what with booth and everything.
  • Zatchmo on 2016-Apr-12 11:17:26 Zatchmo said

    Don't worry, SigEp. You'll probably end up placing well anyway and continue proving how little attention to detail really matters.
  • SigEp on 2016-Apr-12 11:42:30 SigEp said

    Begs the question. How come the try hards don't do better?
  • Jake M on 2016-Apr-12 14:50:12 Jake M said

    What in the sweet hell is this monstrosity? I don't come around for a year and this happens? what the hell are those wheels?

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