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  • the Pope on 2014-May-23 04:05:47 the Pope said

    The soap box derby ultimate speed race, which is similar to but not at all like buggy, will be a bit different this year. Why? who knows. I suspect this is the outcome of too many sour grapes that come from a single team winning 4 times in a row. Or it could be that the ultimate speed cars are getting in the way of other plans. In any event, here is the scoop.

    The ultimate speed race, which has been run on Saturdays in the past and allows cars to use any wheel they want, will be run on Wed, July 23rd in the am this year. Seems like this event has fallen out of favor with the soap box powers. We see this as possibly the last chance to set a record that will stand for many years to come.

    The wheel and lane swap race, which replaces the custom wheels with xootrs, will be Thursday the 24th with the finals on Saturday the 26th. This race provides real head to head racing vs racing the clock. The fastest time differential after 3 runs (one from each lane with the set of xootr wheels assigned to that lane) moves on to the next round.

    There is also a practice day on the 22nd.

    As a result of this schedule change, there will not be many ultimate speed cars running on Saturday and those that are, will be on stock xootrs.

    We (the Cook and I) plan to participate in both races. We will be supporting a pair of cars, the car we built last year ( 2nd place) and the car built by long time derby great Jerry Pearson. We teamed up with Jerry last year to win the rain soaked event. We give each car the same chance in terms of wheels and bearings. This leaves the result up the the driver the design and the prep.. Last year, the designers of our car, (the cook and I) failed to provide the driver with goodly vision. The resulting wandering about on the way down the track was not kind to our time and determined the finishing order within our team. This year we aim to even the score (within our self imposed fairness limits).

    So, if you want to see the buggy wheels of the future, get there on Wed. You already know what xootrs look like so the thursday and saturday events are only for those who want to see some racing action on low tech wheels.
  • the Pope on 2014-Aug-04 21:29:37 the Pope said

    Quick race recap:

    In the ultimate speed challenge, we finished 1st (car 915) and 2nd (car 901) . However, there was no record set. We likely blew our best shot at a record when we pulled the 901 out of the first heat due to break failure. This was our 5th win in a row and the 915's 2nd win in a row.

    In the wheel swap race, the 901 made the finals and finished a close 2nd to Kristi Murphy's 903 (a ZE supported car) with total delta in time of 0.040 over 3 phases. Kristi has won this event 3 times in a row, it would our first time entering.

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