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  • the Pope on 2013-Jul-30 15:40:10 the Pope said

    2nd place run: Team CSSN: Jillian Brinberg, former CIA driver, on her way to 2nd place. Car built by the Pope and the Cook.
  • the Pope on 2013-Sep-12 20:29:04 the Pope said

    You might note the we are way way way off course. This was 100000% the fault of the craptastic design of the optics (i.e. blame the pope and the cook) and not Jillian's fault. She did really well considering that she could not see where she was gong. I am glad she came out of it in one piece. Feel like I dodged a bullet on this one. Lesson learned. Safety issues aside, not going straight also costs you speed and makes for a longer trip. T%o make matters worse, the track was much wetter over there. All of these add to your time. It would have been a close between our 2 cars had we been given her a car where she had a chance to go straight. Next year.....

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